January 5th, 2007


Things that are like a Thursday, sort of:

Pink Shirt Guy had the day off.
I had paperwork.
I have to get the Morningstar reports functional before Monday.
I have to get the database spitting out phone goon stats ASAP.
I have to get Traveling Manager's expense reports from the 2006 financial year entered, because she's going to be skewered and roasted and Entirely Not Happy, because that's how her expense reports are making the finance department feel, and they're passing on the love to her.
Sampling has drum lessons.
Comic Pirate Super is in the same office as Sampling again, though they're both in an entirely different department now.
Sampling is known for acquiring minions and not giving them back. So when Business Management heard that she was borrowing me, there was Commentary of Doom going on. She doesn't want to give me up. :D
I explained to Traveling Management that the logo in the upper left-hand corner of the screen is, by unspoken web design principle, supposed to link back to the home page of the site. She didn't know this. We figured that it should perhaps be a little more obvious. (She's beta-user-ing for a helpful site on things and stuff. I got to help her understand it; her very cluelessness made her a perfect Old Lady for the application.)
I was about to leave at 6:15 when Cute Desk Guy waylaid me, asking for help in figuring out where to expand his technical skills for greater employability. I recommended that he familiarize himself with the MS Office suite, look into learning the skills that need to be known for the A+ certification, and maybe make friends with a web server or two. He's a hardware kind of guy.
I went back to my little corner to clean up, and got lassoed into writing up an infraction. Snarky Lady does that, because I am a fast and good typist. That added fifteen minutes to my departure time, so while I was actually leaving at 6:45, it was only 6:30's worth of work. So that's what I signed out as.
hcolleen saw from LJ what kind of state I was in as I was coming home, and greeted me with a nice hot mug of tea. Sympathetic, hand-holding tea! Yay!! She recommended that I take a bath.
Dawn is in Florida, enjoying Disney World. She works for the Mouse, so she has an appreciation for what the staff go through -- and when they are and are not doing things right. There's no critic like one in the business. She's glad that Darkside is back in my good graces, though it's fairly clear that she might not have let him back in so easily. She seems to be having fun there.
I took myself a nice long bath, with a nice trashy novel. Fringe benefits of the moonlighting will involve a lot more trashy novels that aren't worth selling.
I'm still amused by how Mike has decided that he's his own character now, thank you very much. He still owes a lot to his template, but he's distinctly his own man in my head, which is as it should be. (Also, talking with non-writers about how characters do their thing is a very unsettling prospect, mostly unsettling for them.)
Dishes are washing. I need to do laundry again soonish, and I've got another skirt to mend. It's hanging up for me waiting for when I get the chance, and I should do that before laundry day.
Darkside has been informed of the changes to my schedule, and furthermore, he has been informed that "as always, [he has] first crack at my free time."
I have a dentist appointment on Saturday. I am not looking forward to it with such insane glee as last time, but I am looking forward to the prospect of not having jagged edges on things and not having to mess with temporary filling.
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Movie Star Moment

There are three ladies on Dayshift. I was wandering past as one of them was introducing herself to the respondent. I did a double-take. "We've got to get you a new name," her neighbor commented.

I did hear it right, then. I doubled over laughing. We're not supposed to use "famous person names" as pseudonyms on the phones. However, there's a certain class of famous person name that can go partially undetected for quite a while.

Yes, one of the dayshift phone-goons-pulled-to-assist is interviewing as Jenna Jameson.

Evidently the first person to utterly crack up and lose it when he heard the name was Turbo. I now have a Reputation at work. Not that I didn't before, but I've sort of added to my legend, because I know who Jenna Jameson is (though I've actually never seen any of her films).
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Unfinished entry from work

1:10 pm
If I'm left alone with this thing too long, I may be tempted to create a DB that will crunch things and then spit it out into spreadsheets that are all ugly like these are.

Evidently it's all cute and stuff when I gasp in shock, "But that violates the black box principle!" Although that's only somewhat true. Linked spreadsheets doing the job of a database are scary on general principle, and I shudder in fear. Management isn't fond of these either.

This morning I had to make a new Pandora station: "Makes Me Cry". I have no idea what the mix is going to be like, but for now I'm just adding songs that have a habit of prickling my eyes in that special way. I spun it off of Fastball's "The Way", since that one's gotten me since it came out. I added in "Free Falling" and "The Freshmen". (I never even knew her, but she
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