January 16th, 2007

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I worked way late today. Not way-WAY late, just until 6:30-ish.

Puzzle Hands still hasn't returned.

There's a girl who spends a whole lot of time in the break room on the phone. She's evidently a dayshift interviewer and going to med school. From what Snarky Lady says, the thought of this girl as a doctor = SCARY.

Wow, I'm up later than I planned on being.
phone, cordless phone

Longing for a life beyond the silver moon...

Called shot where? *azzgrin*
OMG so much randomly in love. When he swung one of the
wooden swords around, the vector it was following was
not a good one. "That had better not be a called
shot," I told him, apropos of the movie we'd just been
watching. He denied intending to do that, and agreed
that perhaps that swing had been a little unfriendly.
(Though he can point his stick at my groin any time.)

Working on the new/old project. This one is an
extension of the original DB. Shake it until the shape
falls out...

means I get to send it at Management and she will cuss
and stuff and things will eventually happen. Glee!

Now I will do things that are not wrangle with
databases. I will perhaps also wander off in good time
to be watching anime with the roommate. Darkside
thinks I should start watching Trinity Blood. (I
explained my anime-watching schedule; he kindly
refrained from spoiling me on FMA. ♥ best
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