January 18th, 2007

phone, cordless phone

A quiet morning with applesauce and gossip

I was too busy taking a long bath last night to get the computer back out, so I just posted from my cellphone and went to bed.

Today I happily walked to work, though I have learned that my feet and these flip-flops may be a poor combination for walking any distances greater than a half-mile at a time. I saw them yesterday when we were going after cups for the milk, and I needed quasi-casual shoes that were suitable for summer, right? They're nice thick foam (insulated!) flip-flops, which means that I may well be able to wear them without pain on the sidewalks.

In the summer, if I'm going to spend more than about two minutes walking, I have to wear thick-soled shoes or my feet start to bake. On someone with normal feet, this might be less problematic. My feet differ from normal because of a close encounter with frostbite. They're always going to be temperature-sensitive. I was damned lucky to not lose any toes or significant amounts of flesh rather than just the bottom layers of skin. Considering that luck, I'm OK with making sure that my summer shoes have substantial soles.

Lots of nice catty workplace gossip out of this morning and last night. The mother of the Entitlement Princess (to be distinguished from the Office/Check-In Princess) was performing to a standard rather low for Dayshift, and got kicked off it with the standard amount of fanfare.

Silver Sunglasses Dude was being noisy in the training room last night. Snarky Lady told him to STFU (in more professional words but just as abrupt). He did, yay.

I'm still working on the new briefing for $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB. It changed substantially this year, so I have to make an all-new briefing packet based on that. There were omissions from the last one, but the crucial stuff was covered. I want this one to be as complete as I can make it.
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phone, cordless phone

Acoustic Utopia

I like the idea that I can tune a Pandora station to the sort of stuff I'd listen to with Mama, and possibly use that for music the next time she's visiting.

Right now I'm going through the bloody survey and digging around to see what I can shake loose that I've always wondered about it and want to resolve before the briefing goes live.

I have tea and apples. I am happy.

Trendy Chick and I are both wearing all black and "samurai shoes" today. (Description of shoes courtesy of Site Services.)

The sort of folk music that I can't stand very well is "one man with guitar bitching". It has to be very well-done for me to like it, and there's a lot of crap in that category that's "good" but isn't actually GOOD.

If I modified my typing gloves with black mesh sleeves, they might be goth-fashionable as well as utilitarian. Snarky Lady already mistook them for fashion accessories rather than orthopaedic devices.
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