January 19th, 2007

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*THAT* Look.

There's a reason some of us keep our attendance at cons sort of muted when applying for the time off from work.
Oh, *that* look. Alas.

I don't get it half as regularly as I used to. I started my convention explanation including the "We've got to be sure to keep the partying down to a dull roar, because we're sort of going to entirely take over the hotel, and we don't want to accidentally get kicked out." It's sad that something like that gets more respect than "Yeah, I'm going to hang out with a whole bunch of people who like the same books and movies I do -- why yes, science fiction and fantasy..." but evidently there's this misconception that there's a whole lot of dry dull people mixed in with completely socially incompetent people*, all sitting around droning on about books in the monotone of the guy everyone wants to tell to STFU, but it wouldn't be polite to.

So I mention the partying first, and *then* mention the common interest that's bringing the partiers together.

And thank goodness for Weird Al for making at least a taste of filk mainstream.

* There are a quite a few people in fandom whose social skills are, admittedly, not up to the mainstream society social standards. But that's not necessarily a complete barrier from normal social interaction in fandom. Granted, a lot of social interaction with them then becomes tip-toe-ing around their Issues, but the things they have to contribute (they may write, filk, draw, or game absolutely wonderfully) are not completely ignored because of their social ineptitude.
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Grammar Bitch Rides Again

There is massive apostrophe abuse in this office.

Also, it really helps to spell your own damn e-mail address right. It is one thing to drop the 's' from the end of words in general speech and thought. That's a valid dialect difference. It's another thing to routinely spell your company name incorrectly because of this, and an entirely new level of wrong to make your e-mail address in your .sig WRONG because you don't know how the company domain name is spelled.

ZOMG PAPERWORK SCARY!! There was a clerical error a few weekends ago that caused chaos when the account executives found out that it happened. This means, of course, that I get to clean up our internal paperwork to account for what went down that weekend. And it didn't go down nicely, and the account executives don't know what bit them because the number of household IDs doesn't necessarily mean the number of interviews, and all that fun stuff. *mutters off in that direction*
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Spreadsheets and other incomprehensible plots to take over the world

It's not that I don't know how to do the things that Trendy Jr. leaves off the paperwork. It's not that I'm "irritated at having to do actual work". It's that this particular petty little damn thing is her job, not mine, and having to take time away from doing my job in order to do the things she's been slacking on her job is damned irritating.

It's getting into pig-singing territory, except that all the bloody other teams, and indeed, all the bloody other supervisors, seem to have grasped this concept. I'm going to start thinking that this little girl is too stupid to understand percentages or something.

In happier news, I have told Homie G. Jr. that if he wants to learn stuff about spreadsheets, like if he wants to hack something to do something, just let me know and I'll walk him through how to do it. (He's completely embraced the idea of spreadsheets to do math for one, but is a little scared to do it on his own. If he can learn competence with hack-his-own spreadsheets, he may succeed me as Spreadsheet Mini-Guru of the Bullpen. That will mean less having to do simple stuff for them and graduate me up to only the complex issues. It will also mean less interruption. Rev. Miss Lunatic approves of this idea.)
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omfg; wtf.

I got a raise! Hooray! Management said it was a very good raise. Management does not think that the raise was big enough for all the work I've been doing around here. *grin* Evidently I have been working my ass off. I hear I'm going to be seeing it on my paycheck next week. That will be nice.

Darkside's room smells like dry black tea and leather. He got himself a nice long trenchcoat for Christmas. :D (Though I don't think it's a leather trenchcoat.) I opened up my little box of tea and the smell hit me and I realized that this was what it was. This caused me to go all silly.

OMG. Client changes to survey = CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION. May not say much more: confidentiality. Cannot say more: may weep.

My interviewers = not always so much with the clueful. *facepalm*
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Summary: news presents: "The Search for Enlightenment"!

New news is good news!
deflatermouse: "We talked to Google and Yahoo, and frankly, their search would totally suck on LJ, because LJ is frickin' huge and frickin' weird, and we know our meta-data better than they do. OMG I know our users and their habits far too well, which means I'm the perfect one to be right in the middle of all this, where "this" is "building a search engine for LJ", complete with a few tantalizing technical details. Also, we're going to start pre-announcing the stuff we're putting out, unlike ninjas, which we will never see coming."

Pirate Users: "We are so much cooler."
Concerned Users: "Can we restrict who gets to see what? Can we block it?"
burr86: "Yes! You'll be able to turn off LJ Search indexing, and unlike other robots and spiders, LJ will actually respect that."
Information Hors: "What about searching my locked entries?"
burr86: "Search away, me hearties! If they can see it, they can search it; if they can't see it, they can't search it. Simple as that."
Permanent Users: "Hey, how come we're the guinea pigs?"
Users who have Been Around A While: "Just so long as it's better than LJSeek, because that bites."

Trolls: *troll the post*
Pirates and Ninjas: *gang up together and present a united front, clobbering the fuck out of the trolls*
Spanish Inquisition: *is much less expected than the ninjas*

Non-Technical Users & Users who have Come Late to the Party: "OMG I don't want people able to search my stuff."
Users who have read the post: "Dude, it says right in there that you'll be able to turn it off."
Non-Technical Users: "Oh, was THAT what that was supposed to mean? Cool!"
User Behaving Badly in Public: "What about communities? It sounds like if someone wanted, they could search and find all the nasty comments I've written in communities and stuff over the years. I'm not sure I like this so much."
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