January 23rd, 2007

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I lost myself in sorrow; I lost myself in pain

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The Bad Bits:
Today really started out sucking at work, though I had a good mood about it. Yesterday featured massive system downtime; I heard that part when I came in the door. The part I learned after I hit my e-mail was that it was the central switch gadget, which = ow. So there was paperwork insanity, as Obso1337 Manager had finished up the last of the shift all by himself. Everyone got sent home, and of course no sooner did that happen but everything came back up. So he stayed umpteen billion hours and closed up everything, and it's rather miraculous that more didn't wind up being missing or wrong.

Pink Shirt Guy is going through dental hell that puts mine to shame. I feel very sorry for him. His dentist has told him that he will need to give up smoking, and that makes him very sorrowful, as aside from the addiction, he actually enjoys the smoking part.

I decided that it was probably PMS, since my day kept getting worse and worse as things went on. My shields went way down, my irritability went way up (those are linked), and to top it all off, I ran over the surge protector cord with my office chair and unplugged my computer, losing a (deliberately) unsaved text file, and forcing me to re-upload something that took 15 minutes on the (slow as fuck) network. (Our connection to our other office has crapped out, and the file was 11 megabytes.)

I got home, and found that the garbage disposal is not disposing; as I said in channel, I flip the switch and it goes *mmm*, rather than going *akljfeklasfdkljasfdklj* as it should. This, unfortunately, leads to a slow-draining sink full of split-pea glop from the crock pot that I was trying to scrub. And when I went to load the sinkful of dishes into the dishwasher, to at least try and get them out of the way and then clean, I found that the bottom of the dish washer was near to overflowing with green-tinted water. (More split pea soup residue.) When I went to do some scrubbing in the bathtub, the bathtub drain went *glorp glorp glorp*.

But, it's not an emergency (my definition of "emergency" has relaxed over the years), so I left a message on the office line, and that should get someone in here tomorrow to take a look at it. (If it goes on any longer than tomorrow, it will be an emergency. But, I have faith in their ability to get things fixed, and more faith in their ability to get things fixed when it's not 10pm and I'm not hysterical.) So, I've cleaned up the kitchen some, cleaned up the floor some, and generally tidied a bit, so when they do show up, it won't be into a state of emergency, just a small localized disaster area in the pea-soup-sink and related areas of plumbing.

Also, thank gods that gray water and sewer are plumbed separately. I bailed out some of the standing water in the bottom of the dishwasher and dumped it down the toilet, because it was up to a level where I was afraid that a little more water in the sink might cause the dishwasher to overflow, and that would have qualified as an emergency. We really don't want that.
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And since all that nasty has to be followed up by something good:

First, the obvious: aside from the fact that the floor wants vacuuming under all the stuff I lifted up, the apartment does look a whole lot nicer! Amazing what a little motivation and me running around like a slightly stealthy maniac can do. I wish it had been for reasons other than "I want the apartment to look like I spent some motivation on cleaning before the guy comes in here to poke at the sink", but eh, we take what we take, right?

The second, which is actually chronologically the first, but comes second because it's longer:
So I get home, hcolleen's not there yet, I'm off in another room, and the phone rings! She mentioned that she might be getting a call, I pick it up, I recognize the voice, and I cheerfully greet Bookstore Guy and give him a bit of a hard time. She's not home yet, and I tell him this; he awkwardly says that he's probably going to call back.

I realize at this point that our answering machine message is way unwelcoming, and I begin to re-record the thing. Just then, hcolleen unlocks the door, and I let her know what is up -- after I get done recording the message. Priorities.

At this point, I firmly deny that I poke at my cellphone, save the guy's number so that I'll be able to recognize him and immediately forward him to the landline when the call rings to my cellphone, and send him a text message letting him know that "Heather is home now. : P" ... so it was of course a complete surprise to me when the phone rang a few minutes later.

Firmly deny.

I also am quite firm on the fact that I comported myself in an adult and mature fashion while my roommate was on the phone with a BOY, and totally did not make faces at her in or out of channel, and certainly not in both at the same time. Nor did I use channel as a forum for sarcastic comments about the topics that were under discussion, such as screaming "Like YAOI!!" at the top of my lungs while she was mentioning her hobbies. And Abe certainly did not bust up giggling at me failing my "innocent" roll...

We have so returned to high school. Maybe even elementary school.
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Monday, I lost a file like this. Tuesday, I resolve to do better.

9:39 AM 1/23/2007
Let's try this again. This time I save to HD and delete after the day is over.

10:24 AM 1/23/2007
Ooo, Anime Night!

*fierce, evil grin* Management wants to make sure that phone goons pulled to assist and run jobs are on the phones at least a few times a month, unlike actual supervisors.

11:03 AM 1/23/2007
Belatedly realized that I should probably turn the NIN *down*, even though I was rocking out heartily. "Only (Richard X Mix)" is not good work material...

12:28 PM 1/23/2007
Found a bloody typo causing all sorts of problems. I need a supplementary accounting class or something, I think. My ankle's still hurting. At least tonight is anime night.

1:45 PM 1/23/2007
I just heard "Wreck of the 'John B'" for the first time, and having heard Voltaire's version first, I can't keep a straight face.

2:10 PM 1/23/2007
Bloody paperwork. I have the stuff from Sunday recovered; I should see if some of the other management-types need what I have, except I'm going to be putting it on file anyway, and I don't have the good stuff.