January 26th, 2007

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Posts that didn't post, for whatever reason

http://azurelunatic.livejournal.com/tag/backdated will not show up on your friends page, but contains assorted journal entries from the 3rd of January through today that did not post in their proper order. Topics include work, heavy metal, fiction writing, anime night fun, and dentist.

It being what hour it is, I'm for bed. But at least I have a temporary crown on (does this make me a Princess?), Death Note and Bleach watched with hcolleen, dinner eaten, the friends-page mostly caught up on, mail partially sorted, three skirts mended, and all the January posts that were supposed to have been posted actually posted.

Oh, and my writing peeps? freshstartwrite is where to go. I'll be poking y'all individually when I get a moment. Membership is restricted, and I'll only be approving Actual Group Members. I also got the Owner crown for the y! group, so I will have to learn how to deal with that. Eeep.

Now my song is wearing thin.
running, bomb tech

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http://cadhla.livejournal.com/1217584.html -- Mario's Lament. (I have to send this to my best friend. He will either appreciate it, or whack me, or both. I'm not discounting the possibility of both.)
http://boutell.livejournal.com/588866.html -- how to break up with a really nice person
http://www.kirchersociety.org/blog/?p=625 -- dad needs this link
http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/008577.html -- half a street.
http://xkcd.com/c215.html prompted me to say: "It works from the other side, too -- there's nothing more satisfying in a vengeful breakup where you still have to share a box than to take away all their rights and delete anything you feel is wasting space."

I have fresh cucumber pickle. This is due to me noticing that cucumbers were two for a dollar at Sprouts, getting two, scoring and slicing one, and putting it into a brine half of my own devising, and half of a pickling spice with instructions in a language that I cannot read, nay, not even sound out. I decided that I would see how it came out before doing the other one. It has come out beautifully, though I imagine that the shelf life cannot be as scarily-long as the average store-pickle.

My time is stretched too thin. I may not take on any more commitments. 'k?
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11:11 AM 1/26/2007
I find it amusing that I'm hitting F5 a lot on the internet, and a lot when writing here. It does
such different things between the two programs, but it's still the same key, and I'm not sure why
I find that hilarious, but I do. I was giggling when I was trying to go back to sleep this morning
too. That was actually because of something that I was going to ask vivian, because it
amuses me and I actually do want to know the answer whatever answer her players
can dream up.

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