January 29th, 2007

bleeding, Ryoko

Adventures in Grocery Shopping, and other tales

I went to bed at nearly 6 in the morning, due to staying out late and related matters of Mountain Dew, and then just not going to bed. I got up correspondingly late, only slightly after noon.

Once I was dressed, I contacted the Blonder Half. He was cranky, due to staying up Too Late the night before also. (I was sort of expecting this, given that his dad said he was Out With Friends when I called Saturday night.) We talked for a little while, then Darkside sought Naptime. Darkside has dibs on my weekends, but once he's exercised his dibs, it's all fair game.

So when myrrhianna mentioned that she had stuff to take to Goodwill and no practical way to get it there, I bounced at the chance to get Out and Do Something with a friend, and eventually made my way over there. The drop-off was really simple and quick. And since it would be a shame to waste a good Day Out, and myrrhianna does not have skill points in grocery shopping, I dragged her to Trader Joe's with me. Fun was had. I wound up getting plants as well as assorted juice. hcolleen now has a potted heather plant sitting in her under-bed cave. I have miniature roses (again), and I'm going to bring one of them to work with me; maybe I'll have better luck there.

We went back to her place and I got to meet the cats. We gossiped cats, and then cattiness, and then I made the mistake of attempting to pick up Nibiki-chan. An antibacterial wipe and some blotting with tissue later, I admitted that perhaps when someone tells me that attempting to hold a half-feral cat with sharp claws, a cat who believes that anytime is a good time for good fun, is not a good idea, perhaps I should heed this warning. I think I'm too used to very mellow cats armed with butter knives. And is it not written, "Touch not the cat [without] a glove"?

I went in a homeward direction around that point, and was all set to make us some meatloaf, until I discovered that the meat I'd gotten for meatloaf had decided to have other plans. When you stick a sharp thing into the plastic-wrapped log of meat, and hear sounds more often associated with the opening of a carbonated beverage, that meat had better not be used for meatloaf. So I went and got more meat. And since I was mightily distracted throughout the whole performance, I returned with not only meat, but other random foods and objects.

I talked with amberfox. That was fun.

Meatloaf was accomplished at length, though it did take a rather long time in the baking. This version is somewhat experimental, given that I've never cooked with ketchup like this before.

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Other than the covering part and the ketchup-in-the-loaf part, this is the recipe I've been making for ... well, it is years at this point, now. The vegetables were an innovation that happened in the "I won't eat my vegetables!" phase of my virtual nephew, the Little Fayoumis. I figured that it didn't matter whether the vegetables were in or out of the meatloaf, since they were going to be cooked to death anyway, and he might as well get them on the sly so it would happen without a fight. (Then I discovered the wisdom of serving the salad course first, and letting him eat his raw carrots with ketchup as well as ranch, and we never had a fight about vegetables again.)
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12:07 PM 1/29/2007
Hrng. Still not 100% awake, but working on it.

There are things that I should not have to deal with. This is an example:
"There were 2 [phone goon] that was add to the job totaling 24 [phone goon’s]."
This is from the same woman whose e-mail address is wrong in her .sig.

2:18 PM 1/29/2007
Lunch was good. I am having a hermit-day, though. I'm reacting to People, and that's not an advantage for weeks when I want to Go Out and Do Things.

2:32 PM 1/29/2007
The Eldest Monitor was typing up a thing, printed it out, and showed it to Snarky Lady. Snarky Lady give her corrections, and she took it back to correct it. However, when she opened up her e-mail, she lost the document she'd been working on, and she hadn't saved it. So she had to re-type the whole thing! It wasn't fair! (She repeated that last part several times.) I suggested tactfully that perhaps I was not the person to talk about not-fair things about computers to. Between the Eldest Monitor and the computer, I'll side with the computer every time.

I'm doing a necessary search-and-replace, and the computer does not like all this action. I wonder what I can do to speed it up again.

3:02 PM 1/29/2007
Working on the morningstar reports. Happy things, or not. I do not have the kind of routine I want for them, so I can't just zip through them yet. Or rather, I have a routine for them, but that routine depends on things being in the right place at the right time, and that just doesn't happen.

4:38 PM 1/29/2007
Grandma Cinderella knows what is cool. She had shinies that she showed me. Blinkie shinies. I approve. I was trying to look up reasons for Excel slowing down and being such a beast, but there doesn't seem to be much that I can do other than empty my trash bin. I don't have shared drives mapped ... and wow, the trash bin seems to have been it.

4:43 PM 1/29/2007
Tired Lunatic didn't get quite enough sleep last night. Lunatic needs to start going to bed before midnight. This is an ongoing project, to change the bedtime.

The plan tonight involves bleeding on things, after I'm done here. Right now I'm uploading stuff
and having fun with that.

5:04 PM 1/29/2007
This pipe is not wide enough to transfer a 15mb file and actually do any other work on the remote location's files. Silly pipe. The rest of the piping is just fine, but not that bleeding tube.

5:10 PM 1/29/2007
Reasonably hyper. I have a time limit that I'm operating under, but I need to finish these things up and there's also a limit of what I can do when Excel is taken up with doing things with the thing. Argh. No fun.

At least I have tea. Tea is good. Though tea probably contributes to the nerves.
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