January 31st, 2007

Eris Raven, Marah

Nearly a whole day's worth of update.

From last night:
Icon that I want now: Animated, with 2 main images & text. Text: "RTFM, n00b!" Image 1: Nibiki-chan, preferably glaring at the camera like she is going to kill something, bonus points for visible claw or at least a paw in "I display my weapons" position. Image 2: my lacerated flesh. (I'm never going to let myself live this down.)

(Icon is of my little half-wild snugglepuss, Eris Raven. Miss Raven is none too pleased in that photo. Miss Raven now dwells with the former roommates in another state, because I could not justify separating her from her Mosh and leaving her alone for my workday in a tiny studio apartment.)

From today at work:
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running, bomb tech

Reading and LJ bookmarks

touch the face of god, High Flight, milky way

The surreal:

English's crazy friend (the one that thinks just like me) coined the "chicken knickers" one. There is this Dominoes Pizza dish called "chicken kickers", evidently because they are spicy. English's crazy friend mis-heard it. "Chicken knickers?!" (Of course, English mis-heard that, but that mis-hearing was neither polite nor printable. I'll leave it at the mental image of a rooster in panties, thanks very much.)

As I was driving home, an opening line to something popped into my head. So I repeated it to myself, trying to make it stick with me so that I could write it down when I got home. Then more followed it. I repeated those over and over to myself. I tried to exploit my voice dial feature (I can call Livejournal hands-free, because I have that set up with voice recognition) but alas, that's one of the numbers that's down. So I just kept on repeating it to myself, over and over. And the lines smoothed themselves out, resolved little snarls, and added more things. They didn't come out in full sentences. I just kept repeating them over and over because otherwise I'd lose them, but if I had the flow of them, I could keep them going.

Eventually, the timed and paced delivery of my voice (it was a poem, of sorts) gave way to song. The tune picked out things that were weak, and showed me where the strengths were. I worked through version after version of minor changes, singing the sad poem out into the cool wet night as I drove for home and paper.

I parked and pulled my journal from my purse, grabbed a pen from the car, and wrote with my door open and the dome light on. It took more paper than I expected. It was such a small thing in my mind when I was singing it. It was compact, there. On paper, it sprawls larger than life. A promise made and broken long ago.
queer as a three dollar bill

More Surreal: Sexuality

So Loveless is an animé with ... issues. Some of the issues that are being experienced by the characters include: same-sex relationships, not-quite-platonic-but-nothing-beyond-hugging-and-kissing (so far; I have no idea how far the show goes) relationships between a very much older teen and a very much younger teen (I think it's 12 and 18/19-ish), visible virginity, BDSM, grief, really bad reactions to grief, physical abuse of children as one of same, bullying, Nobody Tells Me Anything (specifically, withholding rather vital information needed to make informed decisions about stuff from a teen), unrequited love, and possibly even budding multiple personalities.

English was mentioning stuff about Japan's society being decadent and All Sorts of Things were out in the open out there, and he used the key word that made my ears cringe a little: "Queers."
Twice wasn't a coincidence.
"Hey, some tact around the bisexual," I said, grinning, indicating myself with a thumb.

English did what Leftover Leftovers Guy didn't, and took the hint, and was more generally sensitive and we agreed that yeah, it did seem that in Japan, stuff that is in subcultures out of the mainstream in the US is very readily media-available and far more accepted, almost embraced in some ways. And. Tentacles.

I don't think that Loveless deals with tentacles.
hinky, pure evil fuckery afoot

Do you get more dorktastic than me?

Further plans for Animé Night:

Invite more people, to get it going with a critical mass.
Get together the proper ingredients for real Japanese cooking. (I'll bring my rolling mat next time.)

Tonight, tried to find Death Note but hcolleen was asleep. English has still not yet located his server. When it became apparent that this weekend with Darkside there would be no hanging out, I put the jewel case with 5-8 and the movie on hcolleen's desk, so it would be there for Animé Night. When I got home, however, I had an unconscious roommate in her lofty bed. So I poked around, and totally failed to find it! Foiled again!

I was yawning at length and elaborately, wandering in the general direction of the bathroom. Suddenly, my yawn was caught up short by a pained *squeak!!*. hcolleen made an inquisitive, concerned noise in my direction. "Door!" I said, and giggled. (I smacked into the door with my shoulder, which was ow, but OMG I am such a dork.)