February 4th, 2007

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Dinner, with a side of Guitar Hero

ailetoile's birthday was yesterday, and therefore her cohort had Plans Made for dinner and gaming. I decided that dinner sounded like a great plan, so after bleeding out the elbow and getting a nap, I went! The drive was a little longer than I expected, and I was running late to boot, so I showed up late.

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stevieg got the winning fortune of the evening: "Fortune Not Found: Abort, Retry, or Ignore?" Since this is a large handful of LJ Support people, there was dying laughing. Alas, no one had a working photo post device on hand (Ruby was out of battery; I should recharge) so we had to make do with two separate text-based mobile device posts.

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Assorted music ensued, and then Guitar Hero. The resident cat, Spink, was very much in evidence. True to feline form, she has been completely ignoring her newest toy, a very nice short cat tree, in favor of the box it came in.

A Beverage was planned, a cake milkshake. A sacrificial cake had been made for this purpose. Since decoration on it did not matter, it was decorated in the soon-to-be-traditional fashion of sacrificial ring cakes. Collapse )

Preparation of the righteous beverage followed.

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Two good sips, and I was buzzed. Half the glass (I think it was either a 4oz or 6oz glass) was sufficient to put me on the floor, in a very giggly mood.

Spink, meanwhile, was really enjoying the box.

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The mere fact of "pussy in a box" was enough to set me off. sunday_silence decided to shut me up with a candied apple. It was a rocky road candied apple. The outer layer was brown chocolate shell with white chocolate striping. Under that was marshmallows. Under that was more white chocolate. Under that were nuts. "My apple has nuts!" quoth I, and giggled a whole lot more. Under those were caramel, and under that, finally, was apple! At last! I gnawed on it for most of the rest of the evening before I had to admit defeat. (After I did that, I went and washed off my shirt in the bathroom sink, since it had been shedding chocolate on me, making a fearful mess.)

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Spink gave up the box in favor of a milk ring. But, the inevitable happened shortly before I left:
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All in all, a great time had by all.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Anime Night does not fit his schedule, alas.

Called the best friend. He wasn't yet in bed, yay. He was sleepy, so we had a rather scattered and disconnected conversation featuring, mostly, me being quiet and good and happy and on that nice happy edge of "is this flirting?" I know I was flirting. I announced my intent to put That Anime Movie on my to-watch list; he pointed out that there's a whole TV show worth of backstory. Something to fill in Death Note gaps, then, I do believe!

Light punning. Yay puns.
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