February 8th, 2007

running, bomb tech

Notes from work.

http://www.harpers.org/TheEcstasyOfInfluence.html (use-monopoly)
http://onyxrising.livejournal.com/348477.html (Financial Darwin moments)

10:11 AM 2/8/2007
Hacking away at this thing. Management gave me more direction, and fortunately what I was doing was infrastructure not actual thing, so much.

10:35 AM 2/8/2007
The thing worked for Q3 and Q4. My meeting's in an hour. I'm trying to get January whipped into shape. Ack. The meeting is with Management and with her boss. Management is my grandboss, which makes this visiting dude my great-grandboss. I'm freaking out quietly, which I trust will not show as freaking out when I'm actually on the spot.

10:58 AM 2/8/2007
I'm letting the Access Documenter go through my DB right now, to see if that turns up anything interesting. January is not behaving itself, which means that I have to uncover how and why, which means delving into the guts of the database. This was supposed to be a smooth and streamlined operation, but of course it wasn't. I am still trying to figure out what-all needs to be done, because I didn't document it properly the first time around, though my exasperated notes probably provide a lot of insight.

I have half an hour before the meeting, and I'm a little cranky, rather understandably.

11:08 AM 2/8/2007
Holy fuck, how many hundred pages did the thing create? It's up to 500 now. This is a very klutzy database. Oi. It's hardly a properly done one at all, but it's better than something someone untrained would have done. (I think.) At least I have the theory. 700 pages.

12:39 PM 2/8/2007
I grew up on NPR, so this is something I'm behind:

Collapse )

3:19 PM 2/8/2007
Meetings over. Scary stuff. Intense rather than actually scary. I need lunch, probably now.

4:15 PM 2/8/2007
Yay lunch. Tearing through my paperwork now.

4:39 PM 2/8/2007
The thing I like about arguing simple math is that I'm nearly always right.
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running, bomb tech

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http://www.scienceblog.com/cms/selectivity-is-ultimate-aphrodisiac-12533.html -- hmm. *looks at the member of her flist who is Well Known to be the Least Selective and Most Desperate and Least Well-Laid In Easy-Fuckery Situations*

http://orbasm.livejournal.com/396333.html -- TSA vs. the Pierced Junk. (Oh, gods, I called it "junk". Smack me, please.)

http://community.livejournal.com/pandemonium_bks/78632.html -- bookstore! In danger!

PSA: I've been reading personal journals only this hell-week (no time for more) so if there was anything in a community that I should have seen, link me because I likely didn't see it, though I've been trying to catch up.

http://paceus.livejournal.com/44606.html -- if I didn't link it before, feminine/masculine in slash, with assorted Gender Fun.

-- lj_releases has a code push coming up on Monday; no known insanity so far, mostly fixes for things that have been driving LJ addicts like the devs absolutely insane. (OMG comment errors.)