February 9th, 2007

pretty, Francine

I don't think Management wants to authorize overtime this week.

Due to my twelve-hour Monday, I'm planning to spend just under four hours at work on Friday, getting the bare minimum of paperwork done and then scramming out and coming home and proceeding to start my weekend. I need to remember to e-mail Pink Shirt Guy and the usual suspects about my early departure this upcoming Monday, and the late arrival Tuesday. These are due to first the crown appointment and then the Vash appointment, with emphasis on "I might be riding the bus unless they want me to come back after they get the parts".

My plans for the 14th are entirely probably hosed. I e-mailed Darkside to let him know about a) the car-mash, b) my intended plans, and c) the hosing of them. I was truthful: "I'd been plotting to drop by on Wednesday evening and shove flowers at you and run", though that should not come as a surprise to him. This is fairly traditional for the holiday. If it's a non-weekend, I tend to show up around when he'll be getting home from work, bearing flowers, and proceed to be all awkward and then flee before he can accuse me of attempting to be romantic. It's worked fairly well so far. I think.

Snarky Lady thinks my courtship style is hilarious.

My hair's getting longer, and the end of my braid is now down to bra strap length. It's definitely longer than the hair in the current default userpic, the Francine picture. I need to go on a hunt for split ends at some point in the near future, because I keep seeing a mass of white dots when I have my hair over my shoulder. It's the hair that goes down my back rather than the sides, because the sides are close enough to my face that when I see a split end, I trim it. I need proper hair scissors, too, or at least a nice pair of dedicated sharp scissors.
phone, cordless phone

Short Day; Short Bus

10:05 AM 2/9/2007
Additionally, Ms. < Apples, your voice is shrill and you have a habit of popping in...

... and there you were again.
"It's cooooold back here. Do you like it like that?"
"Do you spend all day back here by yourself?"
"I like it like that, too."

Woman's energy is spiraling way outside of the usual boundaries and feels like jagged orange spirograph flames around her midsection. *Lower* midsection. I would never ever ever get into bed with her, not even if I liked her, not with energy like that. It's too hungry.

10:54 AM 2/9/2007
If you work long enough with numbers, you do start to get emotional about them. I didn't understand it so much when I was hearing about assorted numerology things, but numbers really are tricky little buggers. Depending on the number, they're either very nice or very nasty, and they can change at a moment's notice if there's another number in proximity.

11:41 AM 2/9/2007
Waiting for the office; trying to get things done that I need to get done to get other things done.

1:05 PM 2/9/2007
Outta here. w00t!