February 13th, 2007

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PSA: Backdating is now Date Out of Order

Now that most people know how to use "backdate" even if they want to date a journal entry in the future, it's been re-named to the more-intuitive "Date Out of Order", used for dating something in the past so LJ knows you really want it in the past, or in the future so LJ won't scream at you when you next try to post in the regular time-stream.

Basically, it is to be used if you're posting at any time other than Right Here, Right Now.
running, bomb tech

Text messages that didn't post from today:

6:15pm: Coronation delayed due to cosmetic issues from the lab. They screwed up the color. Of all the stupid problems. Hi, shoe #3.

11:26pm: Since the car will be in the shop starting tomorrow, I thought it best to celebrate the holiday a little early. I got the traditional yellow roses for ambush.

11:34pm: Instead of fleeing into the night, I stayed for some of Darkside's interpretation of crockpot bbq chicken. I refrained from any comparison to my atomic chicken.

11:41pm: When it came down to dragging Darkside away from the family or letting him finish up the battle star galactica episode then, I opted for the science fiction.

Soon, my precious, LJ will handle text messages with more grace.
running, bomb tech

Related topics on Date Out of Order

If you date out of order, it doesn't show up on your friends' friends pages.

If you want it with a date that happens to be out of order (in the past) but still show up on the friends pages, post it in order with the current date, and then after it is posted, edit the date to be in the past.

LJ checks "Is this dated in order?" on post by simply looking to see if there are any dated-in-order entries with a time after the time you are currently posting. If there are none, it posts happily. If there are some, it throws an exception and tells you to backdate or date out of order, whichever language what you're posting with is using.

What you need to do if you're getting that error is a) make sure that you've got today's date on the entry you're posting right now, and b) go to your journal, look at the top of the page, notice that the entry up there is actually in the future, and EDIT THAT ENTRY to have either a) its correct date, or b) to be dated out of order.

This entry is brought to you by general confusion on the issue, and seeing one too many Support requests from People Who Don't Get It, and the requirement of polite language prohibiting us from strangling.