February 16th, 2007

running, bomb tech

Bad dreams again.

This time there wasn't anything about the team. It was a city and there were monsters in the sewers and people were going down to fight them and not coming back up and there was a shortage of supplies and caffeine was one of the major medicines used, and people topside were getting sick too and needed medication but the guys down in the tunnels (one of whom was Snape, in full biohazard gear) needed it more to survive down there because of all the chemicals and the MONSTERS. I was walking along the shoulder of a road and was trying to get off the not-much-shoulder bridge before the oncoming large truck got onto the bridge when I woke up.
phone, cordless phone

Absolutely Lunatic's Mood

10:17 AM 2/16/2007
Woo, fragile mood. Yay. I shall have to remember to avoid my co-workers today.

Sleep issues have been happening. Since the idea of being unwilling to sleep because
I dislike the prospect of nightmares was mentioned in my vicinity, I'm wondering if
that would be a viable coping strategy even though it was mentioned as a bad one.

There are typo problems and clerical errors in the paperwork I am dealing with, and
OMG I am turning into Percy Weasley. But I'm just so annoyed that they're not doing
the parts of their job right where they intersect with my job.

I'm too cranky to be a good manager; Darkside's got at least part of it right. (He
was trying to imagine me as a manager and failing, not without closed doors and
general unhappiness.)

10:30 AM 2/16/2007
OK, need more sleep and to adjust my dosage of the happy St. John's Wort. I think
last week is finally catching up with me. I could hope that I would be allowed to
bring a book to go visit Darkside and curl up in the chair beside his as he pokes
around looking for jobs online. He needs to job-hunt, and I ... really want and
quasi-need some face-time.
phone, cordless phone


11:37 AM 2/16/2007
Still tired. Need to finish my applesauce before I have tea. At this rate, that won't be until after I go home. (I'm thinking of giving up the week as a bad job when I hit 35 hours instead of staying until I hit 40, or until 5pm or 5:15pm, because that'll come first. 35 hours comes at 14:15, and that's only 2.5 hours away. I have useful things to do in that amount of time.)

12:12 PM 2/16/2007
I should probably get a box of St. John's Wort tea for work. That way I'll have it available to me at work if I forget a dose like I did on -- was it Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday? I doubled up the next day, but that's not the same. I should also have caffeine in my purse, but that's not the same.

12:26 PM 2/16/2007
Ahh, tea. Only the ordinary kind (black & orange) but the combination soothes me. I may be slightly hooked, perhaps.

12:36 PM 2/16/2007
ADHD mode on strong today. Going to poke at Traveling Manager's paperworks now, since those are low in the brain impact department. (She's just needing someone to help her through these things, because she is Not Organized, and the concept is painful, but I make it painless.)

12:50 PM 2/16/2007
Dear awards committee, stretching simple graphics out of proportion is not recommended.

3:07 PM 2/16/2007
Whee, I have most of the expense sheets for Traveling Management processed, due to the fact that she's become more organized, mostly because I walk her through the baby steps of organization. She's freezing up because she doesn't know the basic steps, and I'm more than happy to get her confident enough with herself and the steps to get things done without my intervention, but that can wait until after I step her through things. I'm going to take her through the steps enough that she can do it on her own, rather than "teaching" her.