February 19th, 2007

phone, cordless phone

Morning again.

10:12 AM 2/19/2007
*snerk* *snicker* *giggle* Tee-hee. Having far too much fun in comments somewhere that isn't here. I think this is spiced by the fact that I know I'm at work, and I'm pretty sure that they are too. That, and good media recommendations from a source I trust just makes my day.

I never got the chance to get hooked on Farscape when it was coming out because I already had one addictive fandom (X-Files), and I wasn't in a mental place to be capable of tracking anything more complex than a Jackie Chan movie. (Bad breakup. Very bad breakup. Jackie Chan helped heal the gaping emotional wounds. X-Files was OK because at least Mulder and Scully's thing with each other was fully as functional as the situation I had going with That Idiot. And given that my Personal Canon at the time was as interpreted by RivkaT and MustangSally, heh ... )

10:58 AM 2/19/2007
I got enough sleep, so I didn't feel like I was prying myself out of bed this morning. There are problems with the timeclock system, the end of it that the office has to deal with before getting me the phone goons' hours, so I have no idea when those will get to me, but I have other things to do before I absolutely have to have them. And "absolutely have to have" depends on technology.

11:08 AM 2/19/2007
It started to rain as soon as I got here this morning. It's still sprinkling. My allergies have kicked in. Thankfully, they kicked in as soon as I became upright this morning, and I took the snootful of snot as a warning, and took my allergy meds and brought my handkerchief. Hello, springtime in Arizona.

11:32 AM 2/19/2007
LD -- http://azurelunatic.livejournal.com/629736.html isn't quite what you were looking for on that list, but it's certainly a complete knockout for most sources of stress, especially at that concentration (which is probably way too much for the given amount of bath salts). I see no reason why it couldn't be applied to soap.

12:00 PM 2/19/2007
My hair is all floofy. This makes me happy. The split ends do not make me happy, but I have a very sharp pair of scissors that is good for fixing those.

1:57 PM 2/19/2007
The girl-who-is-always-on-the-phone has not been at work enough to warrant her continued employment. I say yay.
phone, cordless phone

Almost on time

Waiting for stuff to upload to the remote server. After I get the last of the reports uploaded there and can get access to the other reports that live there and fill those in -- though those are only a few minutes -- I can get out of here. I was definitely hoping to get out of here due to the need to go bleed out the elbow. It's a nice thing to do for the community in general, and it's a very good thing to do for the budget, especially the entertainment things that I couldn't justify otherwise.

It takes too long to upload that stuff. Some of the network equipment went down the other day, though, so I'm not particularly surprised. Looks like we're using the internet rather than any particular dedicated nice pipe between us and the other location. Almost finished with the upload; got my work e-mail box cleaned out a lot better in the interim.

And I should not have stepped on that. Whatever that was. I unplugged Snarky Lady. We really need things re-wired in here. My ankle aches. (My right ankle has started aching on general principle.)