February 20th, 2007

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Basic Geek Body Types

Stick: Your stereotypical 98-lb weakling, if you're going to get technical about it. Thin, slender, verging on emaciation -- this geek is not going to win any strength contests any time soon, except by cunning. Don't underestimate the cunning. Brains and a plan can win out over brute strength as long as brains has a head start to get the plan in place.

Ninja: This wily geek is fast on his or her feet, small and slight of build, and through dedicated training, packs a surprising amount of wiry muscle on that small frame. Will kick your ass.

Barbarian / Amazon: This geek is built to a larger scale than the Ninja, has well-toned muscles (oiled & rippling are a bonus) and is equally at home in the gym, the library/computer room, and the DDR pad in the arcade. Will kick your ass.

Teddy Bear: Has enough padding to be eminently huggable (and knock someone's eyes out if laced into a tight bodice). Can be fearsome warriors, especially when disturbed. Scaled from giant grizzly to baby koala.

Cushion: This geek is rather round and soft. Do not underestimate this geek, however: they are given to sudden and alarming (if perhaps infrequent) feats of strength, and have been occasionally known to pick up an unsuspecting Barbarian or Teddy Bear and heave them across the room. Not half so vulnerable to being stuffed in a locker as the Stick, and can be hidden behind in case of enemy attack.

Fragile: Treat this geek with the same care you would exercise with a shiny new bit of tech swag. Do not expose to extreme temperatures, shock, static electricity, sharp objects, abrasives, wild animals, unauthorized chemicals, or end-users.

"Average": Body type has no particular distinguishing characteristics. Could pass for a non-geek if cast as an extra in a movie.
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It doesn't matter which you heard...

9:06 AM 2/20/2007
Dear Computer Incompetents: very good that you recognized that it was the PC's lack of response that put the monitor into power save mode. (And, incidentally, it's "power save mode", not "power safe mode". Not very good that you didn't figure out that it was the mouse's lack of response to the shiny surface of the desk cover in the phone goon booth. You can use the keyboard just fine.
No love,
Not part of IT.

9:36 AM 2/20/2007
Was a good girl & walked to work. Go, me. Must get stamina back up, because I have every intention of joining the local boffer group that some guy who I completely don't know is starting up. Given that I was dancing around at the plasma place last night, just because I was tired of sitting still and I felt like it, I'm completely ready to get my stamina back. I think getting enough sleep has something to do with it. I actually have energy. I get hyper. It's amazing. I'm also waking up before Mr. Alarm Clock.

9:58 AM 2/20/2007
That reminds me: I should really be more willing to address technology as neuter if it doesn't specify a gender at me, or a name. But no, it's Mr. Alarm Clock, even though my gendersense tells me, upon thinking about it, that the alarm clock is actually rather tomboy-female. Which makes the "Mr." make sense, actually.

... I think I might be over-thinking this. But eh. Good day, ba Wall Clock.

10:22 AM 2/20/2007
... And since $OTHER_SIDE_JOB was not running last night due to it being President's Day, that team slacked off. There's a utilities study that they also cover, and the paperwork from that was largely left undone. I groused to Pink Shirt Guy and his counterpart. "But that was Snapping Gum Super," his counterpart said. "Ah, yes," Pink Shirt Guy added. "We suspect he rode the short bus."

Hardly a ringing endorsement of the fellow, but it's better than a slap in the face with a wet fish.

10:26 AM 2/20/2007
Nggggh. I have a girl-crush but bad. I've been trying to fight it off since forever, but I think it's doomed. Doooooom! It's a very, very bad sign when a Leonard Cohen song can make someone, especially me, giggle giddily. Bad Lunatic. No monogamy-biscuit, though I might still get a pat on the head if I can refrain from making too much of a dork of myself in face-to-face-space. I may have to explain this one to Darkside sooner than I'd thought. *facepalm* Though I have been anonymously assured that the partner of the woman is all "I approve of your good taste" rather than "RRR JEALOUSY AND SPITE" when people have crushes in that direction, which is good to know. *facepalm*

11:07 AM 2/20/2007
Really, it makes every bit of sense that I should have this crush. All the psychological reasons for me to totally go ga-ga are right there lined up to shove my poor unresisting psyche right over into gigglesome goo. I'm totally not losing any interest in Darkside, because that's not how I operate, but zomg.
phone, cordless phone

Did you get that memo about the TPS reports?

11:44 AM 2/20/2007
Waaagh hyper, though I have no excuse to be just yet.

1:45 PM 2/20/2007
Ooo, work is getting rid of some old equipment, and are having a drawing to see who gets to have them. (They're selling them, but it's cool enough stuff at a good enough price that the only fair way to do it is to do a drawing to see whose offer to purchase gets accepted.)

3:04 PM 2/20/2007
Poor Snapping Gum Super: he handed off his TPS report to Homie G, and Homie G forgot to turn it in. Woops. He's had at least three separate people say "About your TPS report last night..."

5:04 PM 2/20/2007
Did timesheets for Traveling Manager. Yay Traveling Manager. She gave me more stuff to do. Taking a breather from the rest of the stuff as zomg I crammed all that into yesterday and I do need the time to rest my brain.

Nondescript Geek quit; they seem to not be replacing him though Traveling Manager wanted to know if I had the skillz to. Alas, no. He was a Network Guru.