March 1st, 2007

running, bomb tech

A bored death god is less good than a bored Malkavian, or a bored ADHD with pyromaniac tendencies.

Group = quiet but still fun. I conked out in the chair, sort of. I was leaning way back with my eyes closed, but still mostly tracking. Evidently being on the phones and On wears me out quite a bit.

JD coming, yay! I'll have to move the computers off the table, move the laundry basket on the table, and move the table, but that's where we can put a sleeping place. Will be good!

Tired. Way tired.

I can explain Death Note without spoiling too much of either the series or the manga. "Wacky hijinks ensue," is how I phrase everything after the notebook and the guy who picks it up and the conclusion he comes to and the reaction of the Powers That Be to same conclusion.

Note on Mary Sues: Do not give them the only piece of anachronistic tech. Especially do not give them the only piece of *that* anachronistic tech. If they are supposed to be background characters, do not use them to explain what this cool piece of tech is. Give it to someone else first, have it explained on someone else, and then they can be seen -- in the background -- with their version of it.

This is apropos of Myste, Herald-Chronicler. So far as I know, Myste is the only person on the planet who wears spectacles, because they were made for her by a Blue. CAN WE SAY NO. The way to introduce spectacles and make it OK for Myste to wear them without comment would have been to have an aging Herald with failing eyesight, and the Blue would have come up with the device, and then Myste and all the rest of people would have been able to see straight.

And of course that was spurred by M's world, where there's a lot of worldbuilding going on. M makes the fantasy happen, and then she checks her science against us, to make sure that it holds to at least a soft-handwaving level. We also do continuity and stuff.
phone, cordless phone

End-user time.

10:13 AM - 12:17 PM 3/1/2007
Updated monitoring system; need to poke [Web Guru] or the documentation about the thing where the end date needs to be set at the day after the last day it will be used on; this is probably due to the default time on the day being set to midnight that morning early.

I noticed something else interesting this morning with the end dates, though it may just be something to document to the other people who are maintaining the job list rather than something to change. (I know that now that I know about it, I can deal with working around it with no trouble at all.)

I'd been showing the end dates on jobs that I knew were planned to close at the end of the month as the day after the end of the month, just in case it didn't close that day after all. I was looking today to see what did close and what didn't, so I could make sure some of the things were in the job list, and the one I'd put down as closing today didn't show up in the list when I expected it to.

The end date on any given job needs to be the day after the last day that the job will be monitored on, rather than being the day of closing; if a job closes on Feb 28th, the end date will need to be March 1st; if a job closes on March 1st, the end date will need to be March 2nd, etc.

I encountered a problem exactly like this, the other night in discussion about a LiveJournal feature that's in beta. Their problem was because the default time for a system date is midnight, very early in the morning on the specified date, so when checking the timestamp against the range of dates to be affected, it didn't process anything at 12:01:00 AM and after on the specified end date. (Nobody said if they'd tested it with something at exactly midnight.) I'm guessing that the reason here is could be something similar.

11:54 AM 3/1/2007
One to check RT for: "Or you can post as anonymous instead" shows up when logged out & posting with bum (and alternate) username in journal where anonymous is banned. Because you can't post as anonymous, so the error message shouldn't tell you that you can.

12:39 PM 3/1/2007
Web Guru has been poked, though he wasn't in his cube. BETA BETA BETA is actually good for real-world (hee) business things, because you run into bugs that apply to things that are not LJ!!

3:00 PM 3/1/2007
Hrrrrng. Tired Miss Lunatic wants to go home. Maybe she will, because she is not getting much done.

3:32 PM 3/1/2007
Miss Lunatic is actually getting a surprising amount of things done. Miss Lunatic has plans to talk to the post office about the piece of undeliverable mail that she didn't get. I should e-mail Ecchi-chan about that.

3:40 PM 3/1/2007 might be b0rked. Heard some skipping, but wasn't watching the player.

And last night, hcolleen said something beautiful. When someone declares that they have no interest in history, have no use for it, don't really see the need for it, don't want to know where things come from, just want the things -- "Oh, so you're an end-user!" hcolleen declared. The woman smiled and agreed.

Oh, how I ♥ my roommate.