March 2nd, 2007

running, bomb tech

I think I need a vacation.

Windows Vista Speech Recognition Tested - Perl Scripting. *snerk*

Today at work: started training K-Bone on my primary piece of paperwork. I didn't get started on that until 10 or so. O, my voice. I'm going to need cough drops tomorrow. My voice is no longer up to doing that, not even with hot tea.

It's the end of the month, but I only barely got started on the stuff. I went home a little early. I'll have more time later. It's not the end of the quarter, and I have a trainee, and omg. I'm working on the documentation, though, as I go through it all. Yay documentation.

I feel just so strung-out and stressed.

I went to the post office, and they're alerting the mail carrier that things have been mis-delivered, please keep a more careful eye out.

Tonight was a one-Bleach night. No Death Note yet.

hcolleen spent all day cleaning. She got spiffy new shoes!! I felt somewhat inadequate coming home and promptly doing Nothing. I wound up sitting at computer very blankly for quite some time, until I could finally be bothered to get up and get into the bathtub. Dawn called, yay.

I think I need a vacation, but I'll need to have K-Bone trained before I vacate. (omg so tired.)
phone, cordless phone


11:37 AM 3/2/2007
Waiting on hours from office. Today's morning paperwork went a lot faster. Yay, caffeine. (I remember how to spell "caffeine" with the mnemonic "caffeine is weird", because "weird" also violates "i before e". I remember "weird" with "wired weird", because those are anagrams of each other, and "weird" is the one with the weird spelling. My use of "wired weird" as a mnemonic dates to some random day in the lounge at CTY where pyrogenic was reading Wired magazine, and I was definitely feeling bisexual, which would put it at S2.)

12:26 PM 3/2/2007
Hours are out, so I can call K-Bone and commence the training once more. woo. Or something like that. But first, I'm low on tea. Need tea.

12:40 PM 3/2/2007
Yay tea.

2:20 PM 3/2/2007
Woah. Essentially an hour and a half of un-interrupted geeking.

2:47 PM 3/2/2007
Yay for geeking. Yay for lunch.

3:13 PM 3/2/2007
Pulling things and documenting it all as I do it. Yay documentation.

3:45 PM 3/2/2007
One of the newer supervisors has just run afoul of Neon Sweater Loudmouth Lady, as documented here:
[Stressy College Chick],

Tonight, [Neon Sweater Loudmouth Lady] was on an interview for exactly 2 hours 54 mins 15 secs. Yes, almost three hours on the same call. [This survey takes 45 minutes tops.] She then proceeded to hand in 4 pages of [] correction forms all for that one call with the exception of two entries. I don’t know if she has problems understanding the survey or if she just has problems... entering the correct answer.
In reading the 4 pages I noticed that a lot of the entries were for incorrect answer selection, perhaps she is entering the answers too quickly? Regardless, I don’t feel that [she] is suited to work on a project which may be too complex for her to understand.

[Braided Dude]

I admire his tact. Oh, do I admire his tact. ♥ Braided Dude.

Met with Management to touch base on the thing. Yay Management. Wound up telling sagas to the Guru. Yay, the Guru. I go boff now.