March 4th, 2007

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Silly Saturday

Woke up, showered, read LJ. There are spambots infesting the emergency backup Y!group for the List, and even though I've gafiated from the List proper, I'm still in the outskirts, and I still keep in contact with my People. So when one of the main-listees inquired after me (how have I been), I thought it only proper to give Collapse )

By the time I was off to bleed on things, it was already mid-afternoon. There was a bit of a wait, so I settled down with the book of the moment. I ran out of book midway through the bleeding process, and it wasn't a sufficiently good book that I wanted to start it all over again, so I wound up watching the last parts of The Fast and the Furious.

Collapse )

After giving plasma, I refueled the car and called the blonder half. (Car first, then cellphone.) Blonder half is invaded by grandmother, this weekend and next weekend, so his social possibilities are limited: that is to say, no me coming over with Death Note. He inquired after the anime group. I burbled about the catapult idea, about the concept of training K-Bone, and other random little things. I shall have to inquire with English if English knows of any positions, preferably in the Tempe/Mesa end of things, that are wanting someone who has a degree in CIS and a few years' experience in a helldesk environment. There may be another member to the A+ study group gang.

And there was silence, the kind of silence and listening to each other breathe that glues my weeks together. I have all these moments when I wonder is it worth it, and then in this sort of moment when we're saying nothing and content in each other's presence, even just over the phone when our schedules have gone all to crap on us, then I get enough absolute certainty to carry me through untold years of doubt.

jai_dit will be coming for spring break, which will be fun. I have a patch of space all picked out for him, and we'll need to add his MAC address to the wireless permission list (stickytab with the r00t password is on the wireless router), and tomorrow is probably going to be devoted to insane cleaning on my part, because zomg next weekend, right?

Plans include a definite IKEA run and a possible renfair excursion. Monday and Friday are the days where hcolleen's schedule and mine negatively overlap, so we're both at work a good chunk of the day. But I've got weekends off, and she has Tuesday-Thursday off (that I know of, unless the schedule has changed AGAIN, allow me to slap her workplace with a slightly aged trout). Tuesday nights are historically Anime Night; Wednesday is the Lady Writers (with dinner to follow; my current cunning plan unless someone has something different is to distribute carpool to group, then hang out at place of dining awaiting the group; this is necessary because male-types and the Women's Center aren't such a good match), and goodness knows about the rest of the week.
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Notes from a lazy Sunday cleaning house

I was having a conversation with onyxrising last night, and I toss this out as a general remider to mage-types -- if there's some random impossible task that needs doing, like attracting like-minded friends you haven't met yet in your general direction -- don't forget that you're a mage. Use your bloody magecraft to put a call out. (I have to be reminded of this one myself: signs my practice isn't as regular as I would like to hope it was.)

I have the girliest cable box. This isn't the cable modem hooked into my Cox -- no, this is a plastic bin full of assorted cables. Some time ago, I discovered that they actually do make a perfect re-usable cable clamp, to replace cable ties and twist-ties for most cable-coiling needs. I have a bunch of them in my bathroom. My cables are clamped in tidy coils with the kind help of several glittery, sparkly, plastic-flower-with-rhinestone miniature hair claws.

I view this as the sort of cognitive jump that comes with the artful combination of a girly or foppish fashion aesthetic and an engineering sensibility. It's a bundle of strands that needs clasping and controlling, right? I might have overlooked it if I were used to writing it off as a fashion tool. I'm not. I'm used to using it, and I was in a position where I had a cable, and a hair clasp, and nothing else to clamp my cable with. Then I was overwhelmed with what a perfect tool it was.

synecdochic has a love letter to fandom.

And I'd like to say, to speak out on the points of pride that are sometimes missing from fandom -- I'm proud that so many of you think I deserve moments of your time. I'm proud that I can write things that make LJ sit up and say "Yeah, that's how it is over there!" and smile.

JD's visit plan stands now: arrive in Phoenix the evening of March 10th (Saturday), and remain until March 18th (Sunday) in the early morning. So we'll have a full week with him plus leftovers for travel allowance. (He's going to be exhausted when he gets back to CA.) We probably want to do IKEA on a weekend (to allow for the proper amount of time wandering around in sheer wtf at it all), so that means one weekend day is scheduled up. If the renfair is opted for, that's the other weekend day. Friday evening is my usual boffer group time, if that sounds like fun.

I'm not entirely sure what the tourist things to do in Phoenix are. I may talk with work and just take off two or three hours early the whole week. I have a bit of vacation time. I don't want to blow it all, of course, but what's the use of vacation if you can't use it to have fun with your friends?

myrrhianna: Tin Man/Scarecrow: Unslashable. (AKA: watch the birth of a local slash fandom.)

Erk. I'm certainly cleaning. This means that there's dust. I have managed to tape the one crucial message off the old answering machine; this means I can ditch the thing now. C'mon. You know that most of you have saved sentimental answering machine or voicemail messages. Perhaps not from 2004, and perhaps not by holding your cellphone up to the answering machine speaker and turning it into a private voice post on LJ and then applying Date Out of Order to put it in the proper order of things, but ... you know, that's how LJ works sometimes.

Bloody allergies.
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Sneezing my head off is bad.

Dust gave me breakthrough allergies, where the usual allergy medicine that keeps you OK throughout the year just does not cut it. I took some scary pink stuff (one pill and a sip of the liquid), so I'm breathing a lot better and also dizzytired. I have laundry going downstairs, so I'm going to just collapse in bed for a bit until the timer gets me back up. Darkside is watching Leno with the family.

Laundry done. Nap gotten. Head much clearer in all ways. Discovery that upper right wisdom tooth is aching. Determination that it will be gone soon. Realization that since it is hurting now, by the time the dentist gets around to it, it may be another scary experience like the last tooth. Determination that all wisdom teeth should be banished from the head within the month.

Realization that call to dentist and appointment to arrange this should happen. Disgruntlement.

I still have to do the dishes and actually move the old boxen off the dining room table, but everything seems so much more happy now! Hooray! Evidently the space is better when the old monitor sits on the coffee table, not on the computer desk. You know, today would have been a great time to plug in that little ionizer-doohickey, the one that's supposed to get stuff out of the air. That, and run the humidifier. Between the two of those, dust might not have been such a scary-bad prospect.

Meanwhile, it's probably time to get some rudimentary grocery shopping done.