March 5th, 2007

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Allergies, yet again

The teapot on the stove is filled with saline. As one might have been able to guess, it was pulled into service as a neti pot. We'll see how this does to get me through the night. It generally does work wonders.

Went over and hung out with trystan_laryssa and dustraven. Trigun. Geeking. Plots for A Certain Workplace have resumed, after doing More Math. I plan to train K-Bone, but after that is done, I might wander off in another direction, though staying on part-time to do certain things might be fun. (Obso1337 Manager thinks that if I leave, the whole workplace is further on its way to destruction, no chance to survive make your time.)

Strawberries and anime good.

I hate it when I sneeze so hard that little points of *stabbity* erupt on my back. It's like someone is sticking a sharp pin into the nerves attached to each and every one of the little tiny hairs. This happened several times today. Not of the good. Not at all. But it's been a while and I haven't sneezed, so I might be OK. Dratted dust.
phone, cordless phone

omg dead.

My brain hurts; my face aches; my body does not have energy; I've been verging on a
panic attack because I can't breathe. All day long.

And about five people have called out sick, it seems, so I'm here.

OMG I want to go hoooome.

(They're noticing that I'm not up to par; a lot of shortcomings are being attributed
to being stoned out of my head on antihistimines. It's actually due to congestion in
the sinuses, I think.)
exhausted, tired, Azzsleep

The bitter with the sweet... -- *snerk* -- Tartanic is breaking up. Long live Tartanic. -- the flat "no" as a way of managing the addictive side of the addictive personality. -- "The Internet is for meta-analysis." Huge Venn diagram.
amy_player -- the wank that sank LOTRPS is back, apologizing. -- "China just defriended us. :-( " -- cadhla got Kanefed. Both the originals make the hair rise on me. So does the parody.

In this household, "part of this complete breakfast" means cheesecake. With a fork. The fork is what makes it the complete breakfast. Cheesecake without a fork would be a descent into the Age of the Barbarian, and we can't have that.

Today, Management saw my face as I was distributing $PAPERWORK, and she recommended that I had better be going home, soon. I'm normally very pale, to the point that Arizona people seeing me for the first time wonder if I'm OK. Today, I was paler than usual. I felt like it, too -- my face felt drained of blood, my lips did too, and all the congestion in my head made me feel like it had lost me about 50 IQ points.

It didn't help much that this past weekend was the Great E-Mail Migration. Plus side: e-mail is now available on the web. Minus side: e-mail is in the crappy Outlook web app. Other minus side: I don't have access to my e-mail archives. Other other minus side: the transition went non-smoothly enough that they had to reset everyone's passwords thanks to said migration. I was very amused at Turbo's choice of "y'all have the same temporary password" words. Very, very amused.

Then Lobot made the smooth move of expiring everyone's temp passwords (first), then sending out an e-mail telling everyone to log out, log back in, and reset their password (second). Tiny problem: password needs to be working to have access to e-mail. E-mail kicked me out. So I called Turbo, who cussed at me and asked what I'd done to my password now, and came on down -- he said after he got there that he could have walked me through it over the phone, but he was looking for an excuse to get out of the office as he'd been falling asleep. Poor guy.

There are probably more things that could have been done before I left. I left 15 minutes early. Pink Shirt Guy's counterpart called off sick, and he was doing the work of both of them, plus trying to throw together a happy shiny promotional week. I was pressed into service for that, stuffing jars with candy to be counted (and I've forgotten the exact numbers now; none of them was a 42, though...) and de-tagging the prize items. It's Sleep Awareness Week, and I was one of the few people who responded to Management's call-out for ideas. Today's movie was Sleepless in Seattle.

I should be in bed. I'm trying to get there, but somehow that isn't happening quite yet. Maybe if I take the laptop with me?
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