March 7th, 2007

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What I was up to today

Stayed home, on the grounds that I did need a day of rest, and if I went to work I would not be functional for the appointment with the dentist. As it was, after a day of staying at home and resting, I was still falling asleep in the waiting room.

The crown fits very well, though the lab did try and do something aesthetic that was not part of the original plan: trying to match the look of the shape of the tooth in the other side of my mouth without actually thinking about what this would do to the bite. It was filed down, though, so yay. Dentist has scolded me about the way I occasionally bite down: must not do so with front teeth only, as it will cause things to SHATTER. Um, oops. Could have stood to be told that, oh, when I was SIX, by my former dentist.

Picked up myrrhianna from the BookStar that is the usual halfway-point meeting place between us, her work, and English's. The OMGWTF of the trip was the Bible, as read by James Earl Jones. (There is so going to be someone who edits in heavy breathing.)

Anime night = Death Note. Fun had by all. Also "Tribute" -- I'd seen the music video, but never actually heard the song. (How is this possible? The goddamn-noisy-boxes in the cafeteria a good six years ago, that's how.) There were some more Tenacious D songs that were presented for my listening pleasure, and I actually am familiar with one of them. I was singing along, much to the mingled amusement and consternation of those assembled.

Dad vs. his USB ports is going to be one of my classics, I can tell already. I have three good tech horror stories now -- Dad and his USB ports (and the follow-up, which makes it sugar on top), the simulated dialer crash prank gone wrong, and the five-cat cable.

I completely conked out for the 4th episode of tonight's ration of Death Note, which kind of tells you about how exhausted I was/am. (I'm watching that part for the second time, so it's not as bad as it could be.) That was the nap I needed, though, so I was perfectly perky and present for the subsequent hour-long discussion about the state of anime and manga imports, and how really we need some way of streamlining the import process, preferably by picking fansub groups to produce the digitally licensed version (they can get it out fast), and then forming an international company or collective for the purpose of getting through the red tape faster. No one present knew enough about the whole process to have deep insight about what could be done better or faster, though, so it was called with no conclusive game plan.

Hanging out with English produces lots of interesting business vaporware, just like hanging out with software geeks produces lots of software vaporware, and ditto hardware geeks and hardware vaporware (oxymoron! Can't be both hard and vapor!) and the writers group and writing vaporware (aka half-baked plots). It's good. I like it. Intense geeking has always been my thing, and hanging out and bouncing ideas off and around is something I am really good at doing.

I need to bring scissors to get the floor mats installed in my car. I got the swords out today, so there will be places to sit tomorrow. Then I had a billion comment notifications thanks to my new subscriptions to track the insanity; I suspect I'll have more tomorrow. Thinking about it deeply, even if I don't get the official position, I can still do a lot of good in tracking what's going on and being said to chill things and offer helpful suggestions and refinements. I'm all about the helpful suggestions and refinements. It's what I do.
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I still do not feel good. -- fic I am reading. -- news. Summary to follow if I feel like it. Edit journal privacy, new friending limits (1k or 2k friends, sheesh!), essay contest for most of the US except Arizona (dang!), survey-whore-for-vgifts, and LJ's hiring. -- respecting fic readers through good formatting and editing. -- "Sometimes a crackpot on the Net / -- "

Attempting to see if I can breathe. This is the final, nasty stage of any given illness in me -- draining my energy in a slow but steady way, with thick crud in both nose and lungs. I'm overheating, too, but I'm not sure if that's the sick or just me vs. the weather. I think it may well be the weather, because this is March and therefore things will be heating up outside. Inside, too, because inside is linked to outside. Though I seem to be having chills as well, so it might just be me. Ugh. I feel very nasty, but I also know that my strength and energy are back up enough that I'm OK to work at least as far as the US standards for "OK to work" go. Unless I'm contagious. I probably am.
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Voice Post:

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“[coughing] That is an example of the cough that I currently have. It is not a nice cough, but it is the cough that I get standard every time I get sick. You're welcome!”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic
running, bomb tech

Too sick to remember to post it!

12:33 PM 3/7/2007
At work. Yay. The combination of decongestants, caffeine, and peppermint tea are making me functional, though there is still that nasty cough to consider. Obso1337 Manager told me that if Management heard that cough, I'd be sent straight home with no time to argue about it. (This is the nasty cough that I get whenever I get something in my lungs. I really should voice post it.)

12:38 PM 3/7/2007
Voice posted. It really does sound pretty bad.

12:56 PM 3/7/2007
Trying to get myself in order to do work. My brain is on illness as well as drugs to make me functional, which make me into a happy little robot. Yay, happy little robot, except work wants me as a functional human bean. Oh wellz. They get sick robot.

1:02 PM 3/7/2007
Either I'm severely hallucinating, or things are drifting in and out of my inbox. Given that I'm using Outlook Web Access, either is possible. I don't like either idea, because me hallucinating means that I probably shouldn't operate anything more powerful than a toaster, but Outlook flaking out means that I shouldn't rely on it to power anything more complex than a toaster, and I do believe that my routine day-to-day operations here are somewhat more complex than a toaster.

Do not diss the toaster.

(Typo patrol says that I really need to have about 200 mg less caffeine in my system, which would put me back down to 0. 0mg, wtf? )

1:07 PM 3/7/2007
There's a somewhat encouraging but disturbing trend in my spam: the titles look as if they're ripped from some scholarly blog/message board/editorial/article about stuff in the open source computing field. It's certainly pinning down my interests far more than "h4rdc0re b4b3s :) p3n3tr4t3d" does, but it's still SPAM. (Spam in the place where you live, now download; think about redirection, wonder why you haven't before. Spam in the place where you work, now delete, think about protection, wonder why you haven't before. If you are confused, view at the source, look at the headers to help you decide...)

1:24 PM 3/7/2007
Yay updating the hours for last month's reports. Whee! The fun never stops!

E-mail b0rked. So it's not just me. Eeeeeeeeee.

3:04 PM 3/7/2007