March 8th, 2007

hinky, pure evil fuckery afoot

There are possibly ways in which my day could have become more crazy.

I got to work in a fashion that was not entirely timely, there being an hour or two in the morning where I was waffling back and forth between "I think I can make it through work" and "I need to stay home and rest for I am ill." Fortunately for everyone, I managed to get to work around 11:30am, and was pleased to note that all had not actually disintegrated in my absence. I started in on the left-over paperwork, and spent the bulk of the afternoon working on training K-Bone on the paperwork.

K-Bone is a quick study, Collapse )

When Snarky Lady came in, I heard about what went down with one of the newly hired phone goons on Friday night. This particular fellow had been trimming his fingernails while in his booth (this is a call center, doing consumer research surveys), and had managed to get the fingernail trimmings all over, for like a ten-foot radius around his booth. The supervisor spoke with him about this, and told him in no uncertain terms that this was to be Cleaned Up Now.

If a phone goon is doing something other than interviewing, they have to tell their workstation what it is that they are doing that they are not working. There are any number of different contingencies programmed in (consultation with supervisor, several different flavors of computer-badness, sample (numbers we call) badness, power outage (to be assigned after the fact), scheduled break, training session, and so forth). This phone goon was told that he must put his computer on non-paid break to clean up his mess.

This was evidently grounds for objection. This guy did not think that he should have to go to non-paid break to clean up the mess that he had made. The justification he made for his reasoning: "But when I was cutting my nails, it was on company time...!"

The supervisor sent him the fuck home.

smmc was out with the creeping crud: the plague-monkeys have infected her. Alas! So we did not pick her up for group.

Group was very small and quiet at first. myrrhianna and kilarneyblarney were there when we got there; there was also one new woman with very thick glasses. I got That Feeling that I get when there is one of those high-maintenance New People there -- not only is this not one of the group, which is a little awkward getting a new person to be part of it, but it's also someone that no one knows, and someone who is setting off little psychic alarm bells. Then two more new people came in.

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All the newbies de-convened themselves slightly after 7:30, when the center book says we're scheduled to let out. Normally we invite new people to stay until actual group end, not just theoretical group end. This time, there was no such drive. Immediately they were out of range, it was decided that I needed to go have a word in the right ear to figure out how to avoid seriously massive mismatches with the group.

The problem, at heart, is that people are looking for a basic writing class, to teach them how to write, or a journaling class, or a therapy/support group that is based around writing (rather than a group that is for the support of writers), and they are not finding that with us. We are writers with a good grasp of the writing process, coming together to share tips and tricks, and share brief excerpts for constructive criticism. People are recommending us to random women coming in to the center as all of the things that we are not, and o gods they need to stop that.

It may be that the group's focus is not something that fits in the center, although I hope we can stay. The new description is going in the catalog for the next release; I already turned that in to the woman at the desk from the last time there was a difficulty with the group and what we were not. I don't teach writing. I am not a writing teacher. I am not even a teacher. This is not a "how to get published" workshop. This is not a workshop for polishing your writing. This does not teach you how to write if you do not already know. This is a little_details sort of thing, not an English 101 sort of thing. This is for hanging out and getting ragged on if you were going to write but didn't, or getting encouraged if you got into a slump and thought everything sucked.

The lady in charge of some things is going to call me and get back with me tomorrow afternoon, and I'm going to air the issues. Something's got to happen, or craziness will occur.
silly, bunny ears

My life in a nutshell

I think part of my reluctance to go to bed and therefore to sleep tonight is the fact that when I woke up this morning, it was from a dream sequence involving a lot of running around, getting with people and supplies, and jumping in holes and otherwise trying to secure the area to survive a nuclear war that was due to start Any Time Now.

It was not a settling dream, and I think JD was in it, providing a surreal element of plausibility and timeframe to something that should have been garden-variety modern horror.


I'm not young enough to get away with saying "I want my mommy", but I think I can safely snivel that I would prefer to spend my dreaming moments in the protective presence of my best friend.