March 15th, 2007

Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd

And the radio man says it is a beautiful night out there.

Wednesday: Came to work, belatedly, a little shocky. Told the Tale of WTF. For a sheltered little suburban girl, it's a bit of something.

Tuesday afternoon, 4:30pm: system crash. Wednesday morning: still not up. No numbers in from that night; the system upon which the surveys reside was messed up, vs. the system that does the dialing. Motherless sons of an unjust god. My trainee and I went through the thing anyway, doing what we could. She practiced some of her stuff; I think she'll be ready to do it in another week.

Got dragged into the office as I was running out of things to do, to help the Princess call and cancel shifts. They'd been calling earlier to say shifts were delayed; now they were calling to cancel. I got the Figment.

I had a few more things to do. I'd been mulling over the events of the night before all morning and all afternoon, listening to discussion wage on without me. Last night I said I'd defer any hard and fast decision until I spoke to Darkside.

I signed out at 4pm, went to an unoccupied phone in the unoccupied bullpen, and called Darkside. He listened to me and was on the side of rationality.

I think the whole workplace is in awe of the situations that I get into, because no one sane tends to get into situations like that.

There was a retirement party for the guy with the t-shirts, iPod, and shoulder bag, the guy who's riding the bus a lot. Alas!

Tomorrow is Turbo's last day with us.

I can't find my camera.

I spent not quite twenty minutes on the phone with Darkside. Then I went and retrieved myrrhianna; we wound up at the Willow House. Then hcolleen and jai_dit showed up there, as scheduled. JD and I hung out while writers group was in session, and then we all convened at iHop. (The group is women only, see, in a women-only building.) Dinner was rather hysterical, given that I actually verbally said, out loud, "Goat, green," at at least one point.

We did not initiate JD.

We came home and made fudge. I still have that damnable Justin Timberlake song stuck in my head. "My heart bleeded, girl." WTF. That's not even a word. This is despite a few hours of good music from JD.

Yay LJ fudge, mark II.

Rocky Horror planned for this weekend.

(I want Darkside to hold me, because while I can hold myself together, it really helps to have a little bit of help.) Here's hoping that interview went well.
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phone, cordless phone


So long and thanks for all the fish, Turbo.

running, bomb tech

Work, underpants.

Paperwork today was weird, since there was little to no actual work going on yesterday. There was a training class, and there were inbounders doing their thing, with a little of outbound dialing from them on the paper jobs (most of the surveys are on the computer, and that computer was b0rked), but otherwise nothing.

Midway through the morning, I wound up in the front admin office answering phones and being available when the phone would ring while the Princess was on the line with somebody. I was going through the damn DB deleting duplicate records, dammit. I figured I could do that as well in there as in my usual little hole.

Then I got shanghaied into helping decorate for Turbo's farewell-and-birthday party. I distributed balloons. There was a ton of pizza, a huge cake, and a crowd. Turbo is a popular guy. I got pictures (some of which have already been posted). His farewell speech: "So long, and thanks for all the fish." There was a roar of laughter, which surprised him. Most of it was coming from the geek contingent on his side of the room. He hadn't thought that as many people knew that series as actually did.

I signed his farewell card. "It's been a pleasure working with a hoopy frood like yourself."

I got a hug.

It was time to clean up, and Pink Shirt Guy suggested that I take the balloons and put them in Turbo's cube. I was down with that. I cleaned them up invisibly (without giggling), and got them back to his cube. I was going to go for the levitating mouse effect, but alas, there was no tape available, and the mouse was too slippery to nest in the tangle of ribbons. So I stuck all his whiteboard markers together and had those weight the balloons down in midair.

Eventually, the box with the surveys on it was restored to communication with the rest of the network. I finished my paperwork and banged away some more on the DB.

I brought a box of fudge in, and distributed some. I clearly need to bring enough for the whole class, because I was just distributing it to a few people, and that was sad.

There were system problems this afternoon before everything was finally up, but it was different things.

I was starting to fall asleep around 4. I actually made it past then, because I wound up running my end of the TPS reports that the supervisors couldn't do on Tuesday night. Yay, me.

Then I cut out my rubber car mats before actually going home. Also yay me.