March 16th, 2007


Permanent account sale imminent! Other news summary bits!

news: Heads-up on the changes that will be taking place before they go live! MyLJ link removed from top navigation bar. Vertigo is almost here! Updates on the non-fiction contest, including some love for international and Arizona users. LJ's been eating too much ice cream finally figured out how to make the "purge deleted accounts" thing not totally kill the servers, so the deleted accounts will be coming available Real Soon Now. Oh, and permanent account sale coming up, time and price TBA, but start saving up. Non-US people who want voice posts: stay tuned, and we'll have love for you as soon as all the final details get worked out, zomg FINALLY.


Complaining Users: *complain, as per the usual*
Diehard LJ Users: *give love, as per the usual*

The 20 people who use MyLJ on a regular basis: "Wait, is it going away?"
Everybody Else: "MyLJ-whaa? Like MySpace?"
Ad-Conscious Users: "WTF ads on the main page WTF?!"
Paid Users with Smart Browsers: "Haha, which I never see because I'm always logged in."

Users with their eye on that one deleted username: "OMG thank you!"
Users with their eye on that one username that hasn't been touched in five years: "Does this mean you'll start deleting unused accounts too?"
Admins: "No."

Would-be Permanent Users: "When and how much?"
Admins: "We'll tell you when we know."
Would-be Permanent Users: "Oh, right, like it says in the post."
People who were around for the last sale: "Last time, it was $150, US."
Would-Be Permanent Users: "Holy fuck, that much for an LJ account? You've got to be kidding me."
Current Permanent Users: *start budgeting for another permanent account*