March 17th, 2007

queer as a three dollar bill

Dinner brings win.

Since no good visit from jai_dit is complete without a Support gathering, he and legomymalfoy and I met up for dinner at the Macaroni Grill in Mesa. Turns out her stomping grounds nearly intersects with the stomping grounds of one Blonder Half. Who knew?

There was much gossip. The Tale of the AK-47 Guy has been going around. It's one of those things that's immensely surreal and a little too weird to actually make up, though gods know I wish it had been fictional. I posted about it, both filtered and public, after it happened on Tuesday night. The incident itself is very disturbing, but one thing stood out in the collective brain of the four of us who were not him that night: he was upset at the possible man-cooties, so he jumped in the closet. just can't improve on shit like that.

Legojen said that this really needed an image macro.

Dinner with LJ people usually involves a lot of shop talk. This was no exception. We stayed there fairly late; the place cleared out around us. We're going to have to do this again.

Not sure what the plans for Saturday-day are; Saturday evening may be dinner, and Saturday night should involve RHPS and lots of insanity. Therefore, I'll be getting sleep Real Soon Now.

The chiller is activated! I will no longer have to sleep with ice-packs in order to attain sleep! This should help me actually get sleep instead of not getting it. zomg cool for the win.
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(tastes like vaguely angstful poetry)

It was that cruel hope and its loss that smashed me flat, groveling in the face of your sweet, complete oblivion. The parts of me that love are swept up and away from you, in their proper place, but still that cruel hope persisted. What if. Never can be.
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Go jump in the pool!

Pool seems to be open. Shall go wander that way, complete with book, cellphone, towel, keys, and water. JD, feel free to come on down when you wake up if I'm not already back.