March 20th, 2007

hinky, pure evil fuckery afoot


Finished most of my paperwork in a screaming hurry before 4pm. Have 2 more spreadsheets to update but those are small. Went to dentist. Dentist took shorter than I might have thought to pry teeth out of my head. But hearing that sort of noise from one's dentist is not always a good thing.

I had two more wisdom teeth (I only got three; the fourth one is still lurking in my jaw and doesn't want to break through the gum, and I'm not about to ask someone to go in there digging) to be removed. The first one was rotated 180° from what it should have been. Then the crown broke off, so he had to get creative. (It was not quite as gnarly as the one above it had been, but it was getting close. Just hadn't started disintegrating yet.) The second one was two fun things at once: one or more of its roots was into my sinus cavity! Woo! And it also had three roots! That one involved some more digging than the first one. The dentist was making commentary on this, then he realized that he was babbling. "I talk too much," he said, and shut up. I would have pouted had my mouth been available to do so; I like hearing the technical details of something that's going on with my body.

I got out of there, to the pharmacy, to home, and walked back to the pharmacy before the injections started wearing off. Thankfully, I'd had some foresight, and started in on the prescription from last time before walking to the pharmacy to pick up this prescription.

Some general silliness followed, with me being stoned on pain meds in IRC, and also being stoned on pain meds in suggestions. Fortunately, me being stoned on pain meds in suggestions is far less overt than me being stoned on pain meds in channel.

The evening is now coming to an agreeable close what with the chaos and confusion incurred when someone forgets who the maintainer is before flaming away in a community.

Tomorrow, I shall have my Trainee do the paperwork, and I shall observe. This might just slightly coincide with the fact that tomorrow I will still be in need of serious prescription painkillers. I haven't got the sides of my face all swollen up, though. I feel rather better than I otherwise might. I'm so walking to work. Not going to be driving. I probably *could* drive; I probably *shouldn't*.
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9:25 AM 3/20/2007
At work at least vaguely on time. Spilled apple sauce and Dew Livewire all over the inside of the car. *cries*

Dear spreadsheet, why the fuck are you so slow? I have things to do with you. Like, things that are now and not sometime later today.

Dear Trainee, what time do you come in, in the mornings? Your voicemail says "gone home".

9:46 AM 3/20/2007
Still tasting blood. I have my serious pain meds with me, but have not taken any this morning. Last time, after the first little while, ibuprofen did it for me, and that's what I'm doing now. I don't like the brainfuckery that comes with more serious pain meds unless I'm a) in active pain, or b) actually feeling like recreational substances, and alcohol is more readily available, you can fine-tune the dose better, and I run less chance of addiction. (Lunatic doesn't feel like that kind of recreational substance; caffeine is far better for getting me fucking high, with less chance of brain and liver damage and more chance of psychosis!)

10:52 AM 3/20/2007
Ohdear. Someone seems to not put the same amount of WTF-ery on the events of last week and is saying it's still on. That was an e-mail I was sort of expecting, and ... ooo. I was too busy doing homework (ok, volunteer work that I can't wriggle out of) to draft up a thing. Soo. Um.

phone, cordless phone


11:07 AM 3/20/2007
Phrases running through my head:
"I don't think you meant any harm by it, which is why the police are not involved."

11:22 AM 3/20/2007
It's difficult to draft a letter of polite declining when you're a little upset and your friends are upset and there's a rather justified level of drama around the whole thing. I get to bring the "we're attempting to chill the fuck out but we're sure not going back" to the party.

It does calm me down to think of how to phrase something. I am a writer. It's what I do. More than that, I communicate. Since Mr. Thing didn't buy his tickets to the clue train while they were on sale, he'll have to get them at last-minute prices.

But. Ack.

11:34 AM 3/20/2007
*e-mails Darkside, calms down*

12:08 PM 3/20/2007
*cracks the fuck up over the sheer amount of dumb luck involved*