March 27th, 2007

bleeding, Ryoko


Been rather draggy all weekend, as I do not like it when my mouth starts hurting and hurting and hurting. Went to the dentist today, but evidently all seems to be well in general. I got my antibiotics extended, I should call him if I start to run out of pain meds when I still have pain, the ibuprofen is a good move because painkilling + anti-inflammatory = ftw, and sometimes bones just gotta ache if they have a great gaping hole in them.


But at least I know it's normal and it's not like it's not healing; he says that it looks just great back there!

He hadn't had the Two Teeth With Scary Doom Between on his little list of things to get fixed in my mouth; they're the thing that's next on it for me. Because. Scary. Doom. Pain. These things do not like me.
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suggestions draft: workable UI for custom security group mass security change.


Writeup to follow when I Get Time To Do Stuff Like That.

(All of my suggestions have to be filtered directly through a senior suggestions maintainer before I can even think about posting it, so I have to have my writeups more rock-solid than most. This is because I can post directly to the comm without going through the queue. I also have to set a good example, which means serious writing time.)

To queue for writeup: that thing with the data limitations vs. usability, and ways to safely bend these while allowing everyone else to get on with their lives without even noticing that it's there, still. (Vague much? Yes.)
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phone, cordless phone


11:08 AM 3/27/2007
I have the bad habit of humming "Do you see what I see?" when I see that my trainee
has made an error on the paperwork. It's an amusing little tic, similar to that
Asimov mystery.

Took half a pain pill about 20-25 minutes ago. I do not like that bone-deep ache,
but there's not much I can do about it save drink tea, meditate, and medicate.

Animé night tonight, with the sane people. (That is, all of us may be
seriously crazy, but at least we don't pull AK-47s on people.)

I am the documentation. It is documentation of the shine!