March 28th, 2007

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This many.

14 reasons to behave decently in Fandom.

I sent the pictures I took at work along to my elder clone, whose husband was the second (of three) guys up on the ladder. It started with the junior site services guy, the one sitting to the side and laughing in the second picture, up on the ladder. When he failed to get the light to turn on, my elder clone's husband wound up on the ladder. He failed as well. Finally, Lobot came along, and diagnosed that the new lightbulb was bad. The subject of the e-mail I sent? "How many site services guys does it take to change a lightbulb?" She laughed so hard about that one that she's sure everyone around her thinks she's crazy. She gave me some of the roses from her garden that she'd had decorating her desk. Yay roses!

Surreal conversations I have had with my roommate: "The split pea soup is in the freezer. Get it while it's hot!"

Tonight at Anime Night: finished Princess Princess, started something with vampires, and Nibiki-chan was in heat and all "plz pet me if you must but a fucking would be preferred!" She actually snuggled up beside me for a while, amazingly enough. Ryoga-kun made an appearance too. Fun was had by all.

My trainee did excellently on the stuff she was working on. Soon, I will be training her on the other stuff I do!
phone, cordless phone

Reasons why this morning could have been re-done

I could have done without the waking up at some unfortunate hour with some
system ick. I really could have done without that part.

I also could have done without the part where the lens popped out of my glasses
while I was driving to work. That was not good. I am fortunate that I can actually
sort of see without my glasses, even though I would not trust myself at highway
speeds or in the dark or to actually read street signs. I knew where I was going
and I could see color and motion. I eventually got the lens put back in thanks to
Lobot's pocket knife.

I get to search/replace a damn spreadsheet. Yay. I was working on that earlier,
but more stuff came up with more priority. I got to re-color it, too, because they
were screaming psychologically unhealthy colors in there.

My jaw still aches, but it's to the point where I'm only on the nasty little pain
pills (half of one) before any time when I'm doing serious chewing.