April 4th, 2007

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At the end of the day, it's what you take home with you.

Worked on getting the paperwork straightened out today. There was a lot of fixing to be done. I have a whole lot of work to do on pulling the stats, and I only got one of the things done last night. The day-to-day stuff is just so overwhelming. I can't let it pile up on me, my trainee still needs a lot of help on the uncommon stuff, and I'm hoping so very much that tomorrow will be a better day for me sitting down, disappearing in my headphones, and just doing things.

Some form of allergy attack hit me on Monday afternoon, and I've spent the past day feeling very nasty and that special kind of snotty-dehydrated that comes with miserable allergy attacks. I don't like this at all. It's better than being sick, because sick means you have to get better. Allergies just happen.

Anime Night was another success, even though there was no Darkside. The thing with the vampire private detective is so much crack. I think I gave up on making witty callbacks when after I said something about Cain being what's-his-name's lover, something very similar showed up in the subtitles. We had a very confused and delighted moment of gawking hilarity. The one low note was when I knocked over a glass of melted ice with my feet, and it landed right on my cellphone, and I didn't notice for another quite a few minutes. The cellphone will power up, so I'm letting it dry and see what happens. I should probably stick it in a plastic bag with a silica gel thing, provided I can find both at the same time. Ecchi-chan was falling asleep when Nibiki walked past and deliberately brushed her fluffed-out tail against Ecchi-chan's feet. There was shrieking and glaring, but no human was responsible for that one.

Regarding the cellphone, it's less of a disaster than it could be, for many reasons:
  • I think the cellphone has a good chance of survival after it dries out.
  • All calls to the cellphone will be routed to the landline, if there are any.
  • While I use it a lot, I'm not surgically attached to it.
  • I have other means of posting to LJ.
  • In case of actual need of cellphone, I do have the prepaid Tracfone that I've been using as a mobile photo post client.
  • My 2-year contract is up in May, and this is April.

April 1st is a weird day, socially speaking. Since I was off the maps for most of it, I missed some of the stuff falling down that fell. And I have thoughts about a specific situation, one that most of the people who were there can probably identify by the sparse detail that goes into my "I have thoughts on a situation I don't want to name" sort of wrap-ups. Collapse )

Geeking at work was fun. In addition to the guys setting up the conference room, there was geeking with one of the company geeks. Snarky Lady's machine was having trouble with zip files, as was mine. We have the trial version of PowerArchiver, which needs to be scraped off; this'll mean someone with admin rights coming around. Snarky Lady is not as good as I am at summing up complicated technical situations. Not at all. I can see things and explain them so that someone remote can understand them. I did that. I'm thinking the tech will be wanting to communicate with me rather than Snarky Lady in the future.
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Yay Hermione!

Hermione-the-cat has emerged! trystan_laryssa predicted that when Hermione stopped freaking out, she'd come out and want to be petted. And she did! I saw her streaking past, a black cat in shadow, and held out my hand so she could sniff me if she wanted to. And she wanted to. Then she wanted to be petted! So I petted her.

Nice cat. Yay!
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Ow, my head.

10:41 AM 4/4/2007
Happy 4/04! My brain could not be found this morning. I need to boot faster in the

10:52 AM 4/4/2007
Pulling stats. Yay pulling stats. K-Bone is working on the paperwork. It's normal
paperwork, so there is no real need for me to dive in and help out, yay. Obso1337
Manager stopped by to say hi and chat about current events.

11:04 AM 4/4/2007
Ahh, adulthood, that happy state. How I love it. ...Or something like that. I am
having hot mint tea, sitting in a comfortable chair in front of a very nice computer
at work, listening to good music, wearing BPAL "London" scent, with the long
chestnut waves of my hair brushed out. Yes, life is good.

Last night, myrrhianna and I had a discussion about our technical roles
at work. It would actually make sense for us to be working as this in an official
capacity, actually -- we're the ones who translate between end-user and support
staff. I know that I don't have the training to be actual IT yet, but I can
certainly make problem reports to IT in a form IT can understand and won't have to
spend hours trying to decipher. It's another layer of management, to be sure, but
it's the sort of thing that needs to happen when there are Completely Clueless
End-Users working with technology. Saves strain on the tech support, saves strain on
the end-users, and helps facilitate communication, because IT is shielded from The
Lack of Knowledge, and the end-users are shielded from IT.

12:19 PM 4/4/2007
We do complex things like help re-size columns in tables in Word, turn off the
preview pane in Outlook, get this column and that column to automatically add in a
third column in Excel, and perform basic troubleshooting issues like "My keyboard
isn't working!" and "I don't have anything there; why's it giving me a #DIV/0!

12:35 PM 4/4/2007
Done with pulling the text files and converting it to spreadsheets. Now putting the
spreadsheets together and pre-checking for bad data.

3:01 PM 4/4/2007
Whee being dizzy in the head. Alas. Just had lunch, so it's not low blood sugar. I
suspect my sinuses, as I am low on tea. Tea is a good thing that keeps me

4:00 PM 4/4/2007
Hee, Snarky Lady trusts my assessment of people who I know, so if I think someone
would make a good fit, then she's happy with that. She doesn't trust Leftover
Leftovers Guy's assessment of his buddies, but she trusts my skills at assessing the
skills of my buddies. That's a good sign.

4:54 PM 4/4/2007
Ooo, is this a fever that I'm running? whee. Got to tell the "Girls Just Wanna Have
Fun" anecdote to the Refusal Workshop interviewers.