April 5th, 2007

running, bomb tech

Writers and silliness and poems, oh my!

#1 thing that I miss my cellphone for: the timer. (Cellphone is still drying out. We'll see if it works again.) Timer is a very good thing for group, as group has gotten used to the idea of it beeping and time being up.

There were a lot of good things at group tonight. Poking people and getting them to share stuff to help get over sticking points is a whole lot of fun and really helps with the creative process. I should push a little harder more often.

Dinner was fun. There was the thing with the syrup on the chair (I saw a chair with syrup on the seat, I tried to get our server's attention, our server was preoccupied, and then knelt in the syrup while taking our orders, oops) and the teabagging discussion, and all sorts of other things. Evidently the way I eat has been deemed sexy by M, which is amusing.

There was weirdness with a thing, so there was a massive convergence upon some Fresh Start peoples. myrrhianna and I worked on debunking some idiotic internet myths. ZOMG where do these people get their bad ideas about IP addresses? *smacks heavily* I probably should work on not shouting "bullshit" in a crowded room, though.

I should also work on volume control. A dramatic reading of the story behind "Dogfire" wound up with the ladies next door shouting back at us.

I'm still so very glad that Darkside got to spend some geek bonding time with my friends. Yay!

Still battling psychotic paranoia. Either I'm crazy or I'm crazy, and only time and so forth will tell exactly what kind of crazy it is. I'm hoping for the mere "there's something wrong with my senses" level, because that would be a relief and I wouldn't have to re-learn all kinds of social things. I hate having to re-learn social rules and skills, because on some level I still know I'm no good with it. But this is exhausted-tired talk talking here, so I need bed more than I need introspection.

Never could get the hang of Thursdays.

It's a high-technology suspense thriller! The gutted remains of the laptops that one household takes in are found scattered around the apartment complex! OMG MUST SEND VAMPIRE TO INVESTIGATE!

Cellphone working again, yay.

Whee best friend yay. Whee, whiny-cat. Whee, laptops in the middle of living room floor half-assembled. Whee, parking lot cookout at work.

Life is good.
phone, cordless phone

long day.

10:15 AM 4/5/2007
Starting off my day right with breakfast, good music, and iced mint tea.

10:55 AM 4/5/2007
There was excitement at work last night. One of the phone goons, the lady who
crochets those little butterflies, collapsed. Paramedics showed up, and she walked
out with them under her own power.

I wished them a calmer shift when I left. You want a nice relaxed shift with nothing
interesting happening.

11:08 AM 4/5/2007
Including the "word" "hax" in the title of a spreadsheet I'm putting together at
work is perhaps an indication that the internet has influenced my professionalism
for the worse.

2:50 PM 4/5/2007
BBQ was fun. Yay co-workers.

3:26 PM 4/5/2007
For follow-up:

3:50 PM 4/5/2007
OMG I hate it when people ask me detailed questions about things I didn't do. oh
hell. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this.

EFW players, there's a dearth of dot_[subculture]_snark members coming in from
http://community.livejournal.com/efw/59259.html?thread=1364603#t1364603 -- anyone
care to help out? :-P

5:21 PM 4/5/2007
today = not a very productive day. Congested and tired and ow.