April 6th, 2007

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1) I am bossy as fuck. There are times when I'm perfectly willing to go along with whatever's going along and it's all good, but there are also times when I make statements and then things happen.

2) Me going all bossy as fuck tends to coincide with things going badly in places that are under my influence.

3) You might be surprised at some of the places I consider "under my influence".

4) Nachos. Served doggy style. (One of the good concepts to have come out of AK-47 night!)

5) Cats normally have very sharp claws. I keep forgetting this.

6) Hermione-cat is unusually cooperative, and requires only one-hand restraint while clipping said claws.

7) Cutting chicken-claws is less delicate work than cutting cat-claws, and runs you less general risk of getting mutilated.

8) Indoor cats should be subject to an arms embargo.

9) shammash is an unusually cooperative cat in general, and eris_raven cooperated for me because I'm me and she's her.

10) ailetoile, stevieg, and luminairex move this weekend!

10a) I have not yet made fudge. :(
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Wrestling with a database all day long!

11:43 AM 4/6/2007
WTF is up with all this random time code change crap? WTF. Things are coming out of
the timeclock system that they didn't really tell us about. My database now makes
reference to underpants gnomes, to wit:

[CompanyInitials]Task: FOO; Action: X; timeclockini: [blank]; description: Downtime
due to Underpants Gnomes; Bucket: [blank]; RankingBucket: Unknown

[CompanyInitials]Task: BAR; Action: Y; timeclockini: [blank]; description: Training
to be a Gnome; Bucket: [blank]; RankingBucket: Unknown

(The tasks FOO and BAR are downtime and training tasks, but the actions are not on
my little list of valid actions.)

12:49 PM 4/6/2007
I think I have attained Clue about what these bizarre things are. It's the ladies in
the admin office being completely clueless about the actions when editing people's
times. I'm going to e-mail for confirmation, but DAMN.

1:10 PM 4/6/2007
Snarky Lady has come in and gone out, whee! They had no class for her to teach
today. There are cancellations on account of being overstaffed due to clients
pushing job start dates back and back again, so argh, argh, argh.

1:20 PM 4/6/2007
Aha. It's not "being completely clueless about", it's "having completely no control
over", which explains it all. Glee!

1:56 PM 4/6/2007
The old lady who hands out gum is retiring at the end of June! She's such a fixture
around here that it'll be quieter without her. She was out for a month, though, and
she's very old, and she's looking forward to complete retirement.

2:12 PM 4/6/2007
Forward from Guide Dog Aunt, NSFW ascii emoticons.
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3:02 PM 4/6/2007
This database loves its mother inappropriately and also is using scientific notation
on things that are supposed to be by-the-gods text strings of numbers. I am
attaining that certain level of frustration with database that indicates that I must
eat my lunch and then shortly call it quits.
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3:20 PM 4/6/2007
Ha-ha. I went and talked to Pink Shirt Guy's counterpart, and in the middle of
yelling that "It's treating the job numbers as numbers when I specifically told it
to treat it as text!" I got an idea, shut up, thanked her, and walked away, much to
her confusion.

I'm'a hack the import thing to include a letter with the job numbers in question, so
Access won't see it as a number no matter how hard it tries. No, the letter will
not be 'e'. Smartass.

Nor will it be 'i'.

3:29 PM 4/6/2007
Lunch was a really good plan. Next stage of the plot involves the bank and laundry
money, after I coax the computer to either give up its plans or something. I have no
idea what that table is up to, just that it shouldn't take that long to do whatever
it's doing.

3:51 PM 4/6/2007
I should arrange an appointment with the dentist about the little hard/sharp lump at
the edge of the upper wisdom tooth socket. It does not make me happy.

Whee out of here!
running, bomb tech

Voice Post: Voice Post: Purest Insanity.

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I'm helping lyssa and stevieg move, and their, um, roommate Elliot, and the whole crowd is here, and purest insanity is being had by all, that's what all these um, crazy picture posts have been. Um. Purest insanity, just ...weee *giggle* and I'm... er, kind of wishing I wish I'd been voice posting some of it, because ha-haaaaa! You really had to be there. You really had to be there. *laughter*”

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