April 7th, 2007

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delayed_sleep_phase_syndrome This sounds far too familiar. My natural bedtime is about 2-4 am, and I will default to that if I happen to stay up at all late. I *can* go to bed earlier and get up earlier, if I get in the habit of doing it, but I have to be really, really careful that I don't get reset so often, otherwise I'm miserable.

Ecchi-chan, M from writers group called; she'll try to call back at a time when she's not in church and you're actually home/awake (I told her 3-6 today and tomorrow, ish); she's looking to see if you can Google Image Search her some pictures of actors for her character file, details from her when she calls back. I wonder if she has text messaging? That would probably be easier...

*dies* http://www.sinfest.net/comikaze/comics/2007-04-05.gif

So. I went over there, and there was utter insanity and packing and getting things in the U-Haul. There were people I recognized, people I didn't recognize, and people who recognized me. (I proved that I do in fact answer to "Azz" face-to-face.) I carried some boxes, loaded up Vash, snarked at some of the heavy stuff moving, and photo-blogged a whole lot. After my little mobile client's memory started to fill up, I switched over to my old-but-reliable Intel camera.

The drive over to the new place was uneventful. I was following the guy with the hair (Kevin?), and we got a bit turned around (wrong gate; we needed the front entrance), but made it there with success. And there were stevieg, ailetoile, and legomymalfoy, with the_spink cooped up in a bedroom.

OMG, the house is huge. Upstairs has three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a huge empty area that I think is going to wind up becoming an office or something. Downstairs has the kitchen with attached dining area, the laundry room, both garage areas (I only saw the one with car, but there's another one), the main living room area with door to backyard and pool (auto-closes!), another dining nook on the other side off the entryway, the master bedroom with its own bath (OMG BATH) and an OMG CLOSET (the size of a NYC studio, legojen says), and then the half-bath with the locking closet server room.

There was unloading of the U-Haul, with
running, bomb tech

Half-finished posts for the win!

The packing of the U-Haul was a little dodgy. Collapse )

Parking the U-Haul at the old apartment was a little dodgy as well. This is how it was parked in order to fit:
Collapse )

Once we reached the new house, there was unloading of the U-Haul. Part of the way through this process, the_spink had to be moved out of the room in which she was closeted. stevieg bravely performed this service, to the visible displeasure of Her Highness. Collapse )

stevieg and ailetoile have a new bed! It was delivered in the middle of unloading the U-Haul. We decided that a U-Haul full of stuff beats mattress delivery, so they had to maneuver around the U-Haul. Not too hard to do, actually, but it was the principle of the thing.

There were all sorts of assorted craziness with the unloading, but eventually it was over and we went out to hang out by the pool. Collapse )

We went out and retrieved dinner from Sonic. I was driving, since even though I was dead on my feet and operating on a caffeine buzz, I was still the most energetic and alive one. After dinner, there was more assorted hilarity. legomymalfoy wound up back at home, and the rest of us remaining wound up in the pool. ailetoile and stevieg came back; stevieg and luminairex wound up in the pool as well. There were many things with the water slide, and the cold water, and the spider web in the cave, and shrinkage, and the "who can make the biggest splash" contest (which I may have won; OMG OW MY NIPPLES), and all the other assorted silliness like WET PIZZA.


the_spink is a camwhore.

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