April 12th, 2007

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Another legend.

Kurt Vonnegut. You helped me survive high school. Thank you.

Give us this, our time in the sun, for we too will age and die. Each generation grows up knowing the past generations never could relate. We invent anew all life's tragedies and joys, and blessed are those who can point this out and get us all laughing. Time is a sad piece of work that traps us into the boxes of years. You are always every age, crystallized in paper and ink until I touched your pages. How many generations will pick up the books? As I walked into adulthood, so walk my daughters and their daughters and theirs and theirs and theirs. There is reality in this martini glass with a mobius twist of lemon looped back on itself. Let's knock 'em back until time itself has the last laugh and freezes us all into that icy silence of eternity.

Rest in peace.

And then a living author: interview with Tanya Huff. And she's fanfic-friendly! Just don't tell her about it!
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Things that go through my head at work

11:26 AM 4/12/2007
Evolutionary mistakes in music. If people don't listen to the popular music of the day, are they doomed to repeat some of the evolutionary mistakes of music?

Hacking away at my DB and its little problems. Right now I'm trying to figure out who fell through the cracks, what cracks they fell through, and why.

11:44 AM 4/12/2007

In geekland, I am one of the guys. There's not much I can do there. But I can walk into a room with a bunch of women slamming on the male of the species in that way that gets tygerr's tail twitching, and tell them that I'm uncomfortable with this. I can walk into a group of pagans trash-talking Christians, and tell them how I feel. And yeah, there is backlash.

I'm very lucky to have the writing group. We're a collection of assortedly crazy females. Most of us tend to get along with men better than with women, and there have been some startled reactions from various people about how generally sane the group is. We're all crazy, but we're not generally into backstabbing and vicious gossip and things like that which tend to hang out with groups of women.

I'm not entirely sure why we're like this, but at a guess, it's because we're pretty much all friends and we also have good "male" socialization skills as well as good "female" socialization skills. That is, we don't put group harmony over assertion of discomfort, even if it is private assertion of discomfort to a group leader.

12:16 PM 4/12/2007
Snarky Lady and geeky terminology aren't the best fit ever. She keeps using wrong names for things. She's not even sure why.

1:31 PM 4/12/2007

2:48 PM 4/12/2007
*facepalm* The problem with trying to look up exes is that sometimes you run into someone whose wang is their default icon. DO NOT WANG. I mean, DO NOT WANT.

I think I need to stay in my database for a few more hours now.

2:58 PM 4/12/2007
Excellent. Of the interviewers listed who were supposed to have been employed during the stated dates, there were only a handful not represented in the #2 table of the database, where they should have been. Of those who theoretically should have been there, none of them worked on the phones that month except for one. She was only there for training, which is why she didn't show up. Win.

Next, to compare #2 table to #4 table and figure out where some of them have fallen out.

Figment came by. He's been accepted for training at That One Place. So, win. I need to get my act together to apply; training starts the 23rd. I'd rather apply for a low-level job and work up fast than apply for a high-level job and get in over my head. Perhaps not ambitious, but realistic.