April 13th, 2007On this day in different years

phone, cordless phone

And the progress of the headache over the course of the day...

9:14 AM 4/13/2007
Friday the 13th. Ordinarily these days are lucky for me, but I do not feel
particularly lucky after setting the cat food down on the counter in the bathroom
and promptly tipping it into the toilet (and then the alarm went off, joy) and then
getting all sneezy-faced while I was trying to get dressed.

Note for those who weren't there last night and might expect me to do things like
answer a direct question posed to me immediately before getting sneezy-faced: don't
expect that. If I get sneezy-faced (defined as when I start sneezing, sneeze
multiple times in succession, and have goo dripping from my face and my hands
clapped to my face to keep the goo from flying everywhere) I am useless for the next
five minutes as I endeavor to breathe, get my sense of time and place back, and get
the snot out of my face. (And by the time I'm done recovering from being
sneezy-faced, expect me to have forgotten whatever it was I was supposed to have

11:19 AM 4/13/2007
New IT people. Got to meet one of them just now.

12:01 PM 4/13/2007
omg wow dizzy. I really need to get applesauce on one of my next shopping trips; one
of the major things getting in the way of getting out in the morning is breakfast.

Soda and tea do not equal to breakfast.

12:11 PM 4/13/2007
Whee TMBG in my head. I really think I need lunch or something.

12:35 PM 4/13/2007
http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn11601&feedId=online-news_rss20 ??

1:23 PM 4/13/2007
...and holy fuck, I am administrating this database, technically. Which is kind of

1:32 PM 4/13/2007
http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/008839.html warning on literary

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/04/13/nail_gun_casualties/ -- warning on nail

2:09 PM 4/13/2007
Essay: beta: http://synecdochic.livejournal.com/119685.html

2:36 PM 4/13/2007
I think I'm getting closer to both understanding what I'm doing with this database
(profane descriptions of it are sort of pointless, because a, I'm too tired, and b,
I built it in the first place and I don't feel like swearing at myself) and
accomplishing what I set out to. No mistake: if I smoked, I'd be running out every
hour on the hour to have a quick fag. This is why I'm glad I don't smoke.
phone, cordless phone

I've been a good girl. I can hit things now please?

2:42 PM 4/13/2007
Another to read when I get off work --

3:09 PM 4/13/2007
Geek vs. Mountain Dew: Mountain Dew, 1. Geek's skirt, 0.

4:37 PM 4/13/2007
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGTJsk7X53w -- snatched from !peas; this is one of my favorites too. Happy 80s Music Friday, peoples. ♥

5:00 PM 4/13/2007
Fuck this popsicle stand. I'll come back tomorrow now that I know what I'm doing. This should be a breeze, but I need to go hit things now.

Good gods. I'm really a geek. Really really truly a geek. And a professional. Holy crap.