April 16th, 2007

white and nerdy, Weird Al

An extra day at work for a deadline, and 90s Music Monday.

As seen on metaquotes: a "just ... no!" moment involving The Race Card: http://community.livejournal.com/customers_suck/21427151.html

Today at work involved rather a lot of insanity. I hacked away at the database, and got the whole copypasta action going smoothly. I had my groove on, and then Snarky Lady brought in a new monitor trainee. And. OMG. There was insanity. She's not particularly technical, but she does have immense attention to detail, and I'd recommend her to carry out an audit on anything I was interested in getting to the bottom of.

Turns out that using the time from the system that intermittently just adds 24 hours here and there to people's times is a bad idea when calculating Real Production. Who knew! (Well, actually, I thought I'd pinned that problem down; I was using the time that added, not the time that didn't. Hmm. I will have to ponder about this. This is ... um. I think I should e-mail Management *again* because. Wow. Yeah. 'K. I thought I'd fixed that, because *those* times didn't seem to have problems. This is something entirely NEW!)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKUGltGwN3U -- Lo-Rider: "Skinny" = pure sex. (The gay male members of my friends list can skip this one if they wish.)

And it's 90s Music Monday!

"1979", Smashing Pumpkins.
I'm not entirely sure why I love this song so much. I just do.

I carefully crafted the whole "I am in on my day off today" look for going to work. I wore my now-usual black sandals (a little scruffier than usual thanks to boffing on Friday and the associated mud, some of which I still need to mop up from various corners of the apartment), some fluffy turquoise blue socks, my slinky iridescent glitter skirt hiked up to mid-calf (showing leg! ohnoez!), a company t-shirt (ash grey), a rainbow rubber bracelet that says "PRIDE", and my hair up in a bun.

Rev. Not-So-Nice Super saw me in that get-up and declared that he'd lost all respect for me. I was standing on the other side of the bullpen counter, so he only saw the shirt. I flashed the socks at him. He said "The next thing you know, you'll be wearing all SORTS of bright colors in here!" I flashed the rainbow bracelet. Bwahahaha.

I encountered Barking Phone Goon on my way to work and her way from. She hailed me in a way that was at least superficially pleasantly outgoing. I was not really anticipating having that encounter. The senior team got the e-mail I sent out late Friday night. Good.

I brought strawberries to work, and ate them instead of actual lunch. Mmm, strawberries. Does it count as not eating a proper meal when you have strawberries throughout the day? It feels like both it should and shouldn't be a proper meal, but chips at vaguely-lunchtime sort of made it better ... right? There were almonds in my bag as well. I was also expecting a four-hour encounter with the database, not a seven-and-a-half hour encounter with the database plus bonus end-user time.

I get barged in on to fix technical problems when I'm trying to develop my database. This makes me a bit cranky. Then, I am approachable for computer problems, and cheerfully try to explain to end-users who mean well. This time, Grandma Cinderella Supervisor had a problem. I didn't know the fix, so I referred her to the Guru. I'll bet he'll be happy. (Not.)

Cock-Cola. *snerk*
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10:54 AM 4/16/2007
Work whee. Hacking away at the last bugs.

I don't know why I feel so very contented in my own skin, but I like it. I feel
supremely cherished, and I like that. O gods of frickin' unstable emotions, let me
stay feeling good for a while?

12:19 PM 4/16/2007
*more fierce hugging of rebelsheart*
*assorted prayers*

12:35 PM 4/16/2007
... wtf? This is great. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoN6XfyQsr4

1:04 PM 4/16/2007
"That'll give you, er, bees" is the new whatchamacallit.

I lose verbal skillz when multi-tasking. Darkside called me to task for babbling at
him. This is why I hang around him; he makes me smarter. (Somewhere, I came up with
the idea that the way to impress a male-type was to be as smart as possible.) I was
exhausted and used to dealing with end-users; he's geek and can hold the variables
in his head when I explain them.

1:53 PM 4/16/2007

Exhausted Lunatic, trying to figure this crap out. This is bizarre.

2:17 PM 4/16/2007
"Listen", Collective Soul. Another teenage favorite.

3:00 PM 4/16/2007
*facepalm* I have no idea why Loud Fluorescent Sweater Lady still works here. She
doesn't do very well at all.

4:08 PM 4/16/2007
OMG out of sanity. Low on tea. Need to fix both of these. Trying to investigate ways
that people can get more hours logged to the one system we access via telnet than
there are actually hours; I'm think it has something to do with how the one telnet
system is set up. (But not the other system interlinked with it.) Insanity ensues. I
know it occurs to othercat; I'm hoping she may be able to shed some
light on this.

4:39 PM 4/16/2007