April 18th, 2007

Jolly Burner

Belated Tuesday.

1-888-4TAXCUT is the number I need to call like today or something; one thing worked while the other thing didn't and I need a refund; they sent me at the web tech support peoples from the website, but the website tech support handed me the number. Slightly grumpily.

http://sapote3.livejournal.com/15129.html -- very good SGA fic; future & omg I almost cried.

http://www.indypendent.org/?p=338 -- silicone grown-up toys, and how to DIY. First, cut a hole in a box... (okay, that's one of the last steps, but it is a step.)

Anime night last night was fun. We were watching the Prince of Tennis movie without subtitles, because it doesn't come out in the US for a while. I don't know half enough Japanese to follow 99% of the conversations, but it was pure crack without that. I led a cheer to this effect. I got my taxes done in at least a quasi-timely manner. Life is good, except for where I get sneezy-faced.
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    Something epic in Japanese featuring a chorus involving "iii yii yippee", from the roommate's comput