April 25th, 2007


Choking on Cock-Cola

Tonight was Anime Night, so we went over to myrrhianna's. We picked up dinner on the way. hcolleen asked me to grab her a Pepsi while we were in the check-out line, so I did. Then I grabbed myself a soda. You probably already know which brand it was.

Since some jokes take a while to get old, I started licking the top of my soda bottle, and shaking it, and cracking the cap to get some of the excess carbonation out. myrrhianna and hcolleen said that they would laugh at me if I got a faceful of sticky stuff from sucking on the cock.

The anime progressed. The cats were loud. All was well at Anime Night.

Midway through the evening, myrrhianna's father called her. That needed dealing with, so the series-of-the-moment got put on pause. It was going to be a while, so I whipped out my own phone and called Darkside. We giggled at each other for a few minutes. He asked what we were watching this time. I got hcolleen to sound it out to me, and I repeated it back to him.
"Never heard of it."
"It's one to avoid if you do find it; it's got ... subtext."
[background shrieking about how it was not subtext, it was main text]
The invitation for him to come join us was re-issued. "Maybe, if you'd stop watching all that ... stuff."
"We'll put the shonen ai away if you show up. There are plenty of other things to watch."
myrrhianna began listing off the things she has. I was repeating them back. But I always stumble over how to pronounce YYH. "You can have Hiei," I suggested helpfully.
"Kurama would be lonely then!" hcolleen said in the background.
"Don't make me throw my cock at you!" I said, gesturing wildly with my bottle of soda.
"WHAT did you just say?" Darkside wanted to know.
"Coke?" I asked innocently.
"No. You said ... the other."
"Freudian slip?" I asked, still trying to sound innocent. 1
"I'll say." 2
We got off the phone with each other, and anime re-commenced.

Later in the evening, I was taking a swallow of my soda, and myrrhianna said something far, far too funny. I started laughing. I couldn't swallow. The cup was right below my mouth still, but I felt it would be a breech of some form of propriety to splutter the soda back into the glass. So up my sinuses it went. "You're supposed to spit or swallow!" myrrhianna told me, while I was still recovering. As a follow-up to that, I was informed that I was expressly prohibited from choking in this fashion (on Cock-Cola) while Darkside was present. (Especially not on Cock-Cola that he has provided me with, I am to assume.)

When the bottle was finally empty, I started teasing the cats with the bottle. The inevitable jokes were made.

... yes, we're a sack full of pervs.

1. Yes, I was thinking of that exact exchange at that moment.
2. Darkside isn't familiar with Jerk City.
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flaming, angry

Reasons why you shouldn't get me mad:

I will get even.
I have a very good memory for basic trivia like your online handle and your mom's name.
You don't practice very good information hygiene, and when you were desperate and when you were trying to start a business, you put all your contact information out on the web where it can be Googled. Like, in public.
You were a rat bastard to My Virtual Nephew.
Congratulations, yet another set of bill collectors know where to look to start finding your valid information.
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phone, cordless phone

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4:07 PM 4/25/2007
http://community.livejournal.com/efw/76366.html -- someone who plays efw, wanna play my IT department?

http://idonotlikepeas.livejournal.com/101436.html -- Uncle Frank (the goat) wants
you (to bring him some pants to eat) (and also answer questions).

http://www.9news.com/news/article.aspx?storyid=68744 -- This is simply disgusting.
There's a distinct difference between anorexia and passing out due to not
eating enough, and attempting to assault a fellow student with a knife.
Kicking someone off campus for being mentally ill in a way that's hazardous to their
own health and no one else's is abhorrent to start with. Way to fight that
self-loathing there, you asses. The website step was really not necessary.

4:51 PM 4/25/2007
That makes three times now in the past few weeks. I'm not bouncing off the ceiling,
really I'm not.

Actually, I'm really not. I'm pleased and smug, but it's something that I'm holding
relatively very close right now. The light in your eyes is the light at my heart.

I guess the next thing is when I get an e-mail out of the blue that I didn't start?

Change is in the air.