April 26th, 2007

queer as a three dollar bill

Anime that Darkside Doesn't Get to Watch:

Stonewall & Riot has to be the gayest anime ever. Like. Um. Well, let's start with the name. Seriously. Things that are gay, this is probably gayer. What's the standard example, a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide? This is gayer than that by far. There's a character whose name is "Straight Boy", OK? There are cock-headed sharks. It's a superhero/villain scene, with more extra gay than usual for superhero anime.

(We've got to watch it at some Anime Night that's minus Darkside and plus any interested guests.)

[Edit: I was watching with my glasses off at first. Not actual anime, just cracktastic 3D animation. It's still a thing of beauty. Very questionable beauty.]
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10:23 AM 4/26/2007
The guy who was cutting his nails all over the area is no longer with us.

Suggested Dirty Pair and Hellsing to the blonder half for review for shared anime night.

10:40 AM 4/26/2007
Speaking of the phrase "the blonder half" to refer to my best friend -- we're not a couple. Really. Despite being treated like one by mutual friends, and occasionally acting a little like one, we're not actually a couple. It would be inappropriate for me to refer to him as "my better half". His role in my life is a little more than my best-friend role usually covers, and "best friend" doesn't quite describe my attitude towards him. I am complete in myself, and he is complete in himself, and together we are a somewhat scary gestalt that resents outside interference. Socially, I try and organize based on the gestalt rather than on my own; there's space for him in most of my plans unless there isn't any, and I do try and let him know if I'm going to be out of contact for any specific length of time. He's gotten a lot better about letting me know the same.

I'm half of this. He's half of this. Neither of us is better or worse than the other. And if you go by what he says, neither of us is blond, either. Of course, I met him when he had hair down to his shoulders, and it certainly looked blond. It was the same color as Mama's, and Mama's hair is blond. Neither of us will argue, though, that on the scale from not-blond to blond, he is blonder than I am. Thus, "the blonder half", with the "of whatever this is that we're in together" going unspoken.

11:41 AM 4/26/2007
http://www.metro.co.uk/news/article.html?in_article_id=46730&in_page_id=34 --
poodles. Or not.

I think I have the data entry done. Now I get to look at it to see whether it is all done. There are some things in there that are a little scary, but the bulk of the data entry is done. Thankfully!

12:04 PM 4/26/2007
Do databases go better with rum or tequila? Or something completely different? Please state your drink of choice for working with databases with as much explanation as you care to give.

Right now I'm having hot tea. Hot tea is love with databases, and much less dangerous than coffee. (Pink Shirt Guy was a six-cup-a-day sort of guy prior to the heart attack.)
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The headache comes free.

12:33 PM 4/26/2007
Have been neglecting my work e-mail inbox while working on all this stuff this
month. Results = insanity.

2:08 PM 4/26/2007
Meeting with Management happened. I'm plotting a series of classes with the women's
center about computers and the internet; I just need to draft those up in some spare
time and get working on them. The first one I want to do is about basic internet
safety and security, like things to do and things not to do, and how to actually
make sense of some of the things that show up in the media as OMG BIG SCARE.

Included: Collapse )

OK, I think I can live with that level of thingy in the data; looking at the changes
before I put it live and change everything.

3:06 PM 4/26/2007
Doing a safety analysis for Management. Data safety analysis. Results: look bad at
first, but then you look at the amount that these things changed.

4:14 PM 4/26/2007
http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/missing/penny.asp has been added to my list of Snopes
articles that I've had to forward to co-workers. The "two weeks" tipped me off.
It'll be "two weeks as of 4/13" or *something*, or "missing since ___". I'm guessing
that this one got started as revenge on the poor person whose e-mail and voicemail
are being bombed.

I'm hoping to raise the general level of internet literacy in those around me, you
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Church vs. the Loner (beginnings of a rant and a tangent)

needs to get turned into a rant (aimed at those who'd be accepting the source
material as valid) about the treatment of the outsiders in high school-type situations, and preventing the escalation of bullying into psychotic outbreaks of violence.

Expanding this, think about how bashing those who are already down and hurting is like one more sword in the side.

Like that gay guy and his boyfriend. Like that crowd of goths. Like that one misfit who doesn't go to church.

Don't offer a faceless organization to someone who's already on the edge, either. Your-church-the-entity is scary like a big giant robot to someone who doesn't do churches. Your-church-the-large-mass-of-people is scary to someone who doesn't do large crowds of people. Your-church-the-favor-with-strings-attached will make someone who fears the re-payment back away.
Your-church-a-kind-word-at-the-right-time might do someone a lot of good. Build friendships, and let your actions be the good word that your church is trying to spread. If your mouth is talking about what a good place your church is, and you're an obnoxious asshole, your church will be seen as a haven for obnoxious assholes.

If you're just a nice person and you don't have an ad banner for your church stamped across your forehead every two minutes, you have a better chance of getting the idea that your church is a good place across to people. A church t-shirt is one of those quiet ad banners that don't really do anything; they're just there. Talking about the fun times you've had with one's buddies from the church group and how generally awesome it was, just like you'd talk about any other spiffy party is like mentioning you had an awesome party and you happened to serve Mountain Dew and everyone got hyper and there were fights over who got to play with the Wii. Talking about how awesome your church is and you should totally come is like a talking ad banner, and a misplaced one of these will completely get adblocked -- or a fist to the face. Either works, as long as the ad shuts up.

When you're on the outside looking in, you're wary of any too-enthusiastic attempt to include you in something, because it's likely to be a trap. Yes, that includes being invited to your church event where everyone will love you and you'll feel right at home, I swear. We already know that not everybody loves us and we won't feel right at home, because we never have and we never will. Your best intentions are denying reality, and most of us have developed a fairly good sense about when reality is being violated in a way that will potentially set us up for major social humiliation. It only takes a few times of "that popular guy loves you" and you making a fool of yourself and getting humilated in public to completely lose faith in the rest of humanity.