April 27th, 2007

tech support, stupid

Lots of links, tech support, love, and then helldesk.

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http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/04/27/email_harvester_lawsuit/ -- go Project Honey Pot! Best of luck!

http://www.scoutwalker.com/ -- still funny. (I found it!)

http://kucinich.house.gov/SpotlightIssues/documents.htm -- Did I link this already? Kucinich thinks Cheney should be impeached.

http://www.ajc.com/opinion/content/opinion/stories/2007/04/26/0426edabort.html -- Georgia wants to define the beginning of legal life as the moment of fertilization, which would outlaw certain kinds of birth control devices as well. I am appalled.

http://blag.xkcd.com/2007/04/19/life-imitates-xkcd-part-ii-richard-stallman/ -- RMS with a katana. Ph34r.

http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2003683287_webtimecapsule26m.html?syndication=rss -- Time capsule from the 1950s. Pr0n from the 1970s.

I did tech support last night at the end of writers group. V had a computer problem. Turned out to be file type associated with the wrong program, which was what I thought it was when she said something about it. It was the work of a very few minutes. She paid me in cookies. Thin Mints. Hooray! We're also plotting a Rocky Horror trip. The thin mints for tech support got me much envy from my fellow Support denizens. I win at tech support, because I got cookies.

In the other end of things, where I was actually getting things done at work (brain-breaking things, which was why so much of my internal nattering wound up on LJ), I have things set to start in the direction of going first thing in the morning tomorrow. Tomorrow is a good morning to have things going, I think. I should be less sore by then. I was aching by the time I got home. No particular reason, just not enough bouncing around in my seat at work.

If I hadn't been so very, very tired, I would have been tempted to drive out to Mesa. I almost did. But I managed to not botch my will save, and went home instead. I think I need to adjust my meds a bit. This has been a crappy spring for a whole lot of people, and I've got the musical emotions going on.

Darkside answered the phone when I called after I got home and just vegged out for a while. Yay, Darkside. I was planning to share my glee at getting some of the DB stuff hacked out, but he was watching a game show with his mom. Instead of dismissing me, he kept me on the phone and I settled down to "watch" with them (I have no current TV, and really no need for one; I do have an old unreliable expensive tiny one, but that is not what I would call Real TV, especially as I've only rarely used it, and not for more than 10 minutes during the past 2 or 3 years) and we had a whole lot of fun. He seems to have embraced again the idea of hanging out on the phone, sharing an audible window of time together. That, and he also needs a) a job, and b) to be dragged out more often (or have more friends descend upon him). He has access to a hacksaw. And he said if there is no hacksaw, he thinks there might be a chainsaw. I didn't enlighten him about why I wanted to know these things; he didn't ask. He probably already knows, because either he reads my blog or my mind. The mental image of me using a chainsaw to cut up PVC pipe makes me think that I'm ten and about to get in a whole lot of trouble, and I'm not entirely sure why, because I never actually did anything like that when I was ten.

I got off the phone with him (almost a full hour later, which was nice -- he seems to be falling back into old-old socialization habits now that probably yet another crop of friends have drifted off with the change in his ability to contact them first), and then the phone rang again. (Speaking of phone, hcolleen, do you know where the wireless handset is? It's not near the charger and I didn't see it on your desk.) It was M from writers group, with a tech support question. That was gawdawful. Three women on that end of the phone, and only one with a slight amount of technical clue, and that one was not M and not the person whose computer it was. I mostly talked to her, and she relayed instructions to the person at the keyboard. It was Vista. I don't support Vista. It was missing NTLOADER or something like that; the slightly-tech-savvy one had Googled it, and based on the Google, asked me if I had any XP install disks. Google had assured her that when NT Loader went missing, the sure-fire cure was an XP install disk. I pointed out that a) this was Vista, and b) this was VISTA. It was only after I pointed out that Coke and Diet Coke are both Coke, but different kinds of Coke did it seem to sink in that Vista and XP are Not The Same Thing. (And it was never just Vista, no; it was "The Windows Vista Experience", or "The Vista Experience", or even "Vista Experience".)

I wasn't able to help much, but I did get their boot order shuffled so it booted from CD first. And of course they didn't have the Vista disks; they just had an upgrade disk.


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80s Music Friday: "Bizarre Love Triangle", New Order

I went to the 1994 and 1995 Center for Talented Youth camps run by the Johns Hopkins University. There's a crazy little youth culture that springs up out of CTY with heavy traditions and music and cult happenings taking off like wildfire. "Bizarre Love Triangle" is one of the canon songs, the music that always has to happen and stays the same from year to year, site to site. I don't remember it from then, but I was collecting the canon songs in late 2000 and early 2001. This song was new to me when I was first falling in love with Darkside. This song was new to me when my heartsister and I both fell in love with Darkside at the same time. The title of the song spoke to me, and brought back memories of all the bizarre love triangles I've ever been in, starting with pyrogenic and boojum and the Lady E.

This song follows me everywhere. It's one of my desert island songs. A lot of canon songs are desert island songs for me. They stick with you.
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phone, cordless phone


11:08 AM 4/27/2007

12:14 PM 4/27/2007
Paperwork's out; I get to work with K-Bone on the fun database stuff next. (Or, as
Darkside would say whenever I work on the DB, "debase myself".)

Trimmed maybe two inches at the longest points off the bottom of my hair. It really
needed it. I'm back to barely bra strap length, but it feels so much better, and it
gets longer every time.

3:40 PM 4/27/2007
The one thing is DONE. Thank goodness. Monday I should start hacking out getting the
phone-goon-facing items into presentable state, but the core is there and workable.
Actually, if I take the thing that faces Management and transfer over the applicable
things... hey, that could work.

But that's not a today-thing. Today is for catching up on the things I've let slide
while I was going headlong into this.

5:03 PM 4/27/2007
"what's her bucket"? (Phrase from a meeting, a phrase that came out wrong.)

A BABY! Also, morning and evening link collection.

A BABY! idonotlikepeas and girlgonemad are parents once again! Rowan did not want to wait to go to the hospital, and was born at home. Details.

PSA -- if your style does not like embedding, append ?format=light to the entry your embedding is in, and you should be able to see it. (If you secretly, or not-so-secretly, hate your friend's S2 style because the tiny text on a dark background breaks your eyes, they have eye-watering graphics, or it doesn't allow your happy script that unfolds comments -- this works to fix that too.)

Fungus involved in Colony Collapse Disorder?

The cat is avoiding me right now [this morning; this evening she's not]. She was starving because she could see the bottom of her food dish, and thus was yowling at me, so when I went to refill her dish, of course she followed in front. Then she ran crazily out of the bathroom and smacked headfirst very hard into my leg (she was moving fast at me, I was moving slow trying to avoid her) and is now treating as if I was the one to smack into her that hard.



techsupport has been having a run of porn stories lately. Winner so far: Porn found on laptop, user deleted.

Clearly, the teenage boy has a girlfriend, because there are beefcake mags in his room.

Censorship, applied properly.

Yeah, 'sociopath' is as good a name as any for the sort of person who will issue death threats for the amusement of watching the fear.