May 7th, 2007

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Little bits of Monday

The Questionable Content guy on Photoshop: "I spent most of the night trying to get my new copy of Photoshop CS3 to work. It turns out I could have tracked down, downloaded, cracked, and installed a pirated copy in about 1/10 the time it took me to get my legal version to install. Hooray draconion copy-protection."

New-ish slang that's been floating around the IRC channel for a while:
Reaction to something that's so confusing, random, insane, or hilarious that all you can do is say "LOL, what?!" Refers to the pear. Often used in chat/IRC/social networking sites/blogs when sharing a link to a crazy website with your friends, or used in reaction to a crazy website someone has shared with you.
JD: *pear* catonfire.jpg

Molly: Is this guy drunk or just crazy? crotch_on_fire.avi
Jen: *pear*

(Speaking of crotch on fire: anyone have that insane video?)
_schools16887, Aurora

Monday mornings are a mixed blessing. -- this gives me hope for peace. Via beckyzoole.

Ran out to get kitty litter before going to work. Before I left, I at least made sure the closet door was firmly closed. I came back with the litter, poured it in the pan (going to change it properly tonight, but I've been scooping religiously, and this at least make sure there's something in there) ... and heard scuffling but saw no sign of cat.

Opened closet.

Hello, kitty.


So, yeah. Headed off to work in a few. There will likely be rantage because I'm rebuilding a whole series of queries off a new table, and I need to make sure the rest of it still works, and that things are included that need to be included. And that will mean things will break. I probably need tea. Lots of tea.
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10:31 AM 5/7/2007
The team that was supposed to be doing the Dayshift TPS reports? Ha aha ha ha aha
ha. Ha. Ha. Of course, I discover this today because I've been working on the thing
instead of the TPS Reports.

I don't think I'd like to be on that team today. Just a hunch.

11:04 AM 5/7/2007
Cat has figured out how to wake me up: play with the blinds and shine light in.
Thanks, cat.

12:06 PM 5/7/2007
Oh, if I did null to zero at first, that would solve some problems, except for the
place where ... hm? I need some brainz, I think.

12:40 PM 5/7/2007
Hot tea is a decent substitute for brains. This kind of tea is the one that smells
suspiciously familiar.

1:10 PM 5/7/2007
Oh gods. I just got an e-mail from CTY with summer job opportunities. I'm not quite
a "professional" yet, but when I wind up being secure in my field, I could
conceivably go back and teach a crop of new kids, if they hired me on. Take a
vacation. Go back to CTY.

...and then my mind absolutely *breaks* at the thought of pyrogenic
teaching a class. Not that he wouldn't do well at it, but at the thought of the
class googling him and finding CTY pictures of him. I'm not sure who would
derive more amusement from it: him, me, or his class. I'm not sure who would be more
appalled by students finding certain current photosets involving him: site
administration, parents, or him.

1:44 PM 5/7/2007
Right, I seem to have the Report$SYSTEMJobMonth table's append query down cold. Now
to rename it to something that makes some sense, and build the
Report$SYSTEMJobMonth$MANAGEMENT append query from the bones there, oh, and re-vamp
the destination table too.

2:30 PM 5/7/2007
"Dunce" should be one of my theme songs. I am reminded that since I was born touched
(in the head) by the muse of comedy that I should really stop being afraid of things
that other people have mentioned as being sad. It's the things that I find
sad that other people should beware as being heartbreaking.

4:40 PM 5/7/2007
Whee, strawberries.