May 11th, 2007

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Links, and nasty little shocks.

Testing precognition, or at least pattern recognition. -- oh hey I'm excommunicated.

Not-so-long story short: Writers' group and Fresh Start have sometimes been a decent match, but aren't suiting well anymore. I got an e-mail today that made it clear to me that their needs and my capabilities as group leader, if I can call it that, just don't add up. I was knocked out of commission for a good length of time; I'm good about recognizing the signs of shock in myself and treating them. (Going outside and sitting in the warm is a very good thing when my body just decides to start conserving energy and Not Doing Anything, to cope with blood loss or something.)

Wound up talking to Darkside last night (used some loaded words there in describing my taste in his bad jokes), and then again tonight. I took a walk to the store and shared some time with him. We're smarter than a 5th grader some of the time. (If it weren't that Thursday nights are anime-at-home nights, I'd so go over there and share family time with him.) Of the people who can give me perspective, he's a good one.
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When does Friday feel like a Monday?

11:44 AM 5/11/2007
Provided disambiguation for co-workers on NAMBLA, underage/overage polygamy, plural adult relationships, and underage/underage relationships. NAMBLA and
underage/overage relationships are creepy. (I understand that some people are very sexually aware at very young ages, and are interested in adults, but they are very much the exception rather than the norm, and any relationship they had the possibility of getting into would have the Chibi Sue problem.) Plural adult relationships -- as long as everyone's adult and
consenting, have at. Underage/underage relationships can have problems if someone gets diseased or knocked up, and teenagers have nearly infinite capacity for cruelty and trauma, but ... teenagers, you know?

1:02 PM 5/11/2007 -- THAT is the woman who gave

2:42 PM 5/11/2007
Plastic blood! (As seen on Slashdot, but I went to the source instead of the BBC article.)

5:15 PM 5/11/2007
I should check some of these out.

...self, there are things you can't do anything about, and you're not responsible for doing things about this. Let it go. Let it go. There is an error in the program.

...and "Suzanne" comes on Pandora, and suddenly I feel my own weightlessness in my sacral chakra.
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If you have my cellphone number (ending in 63, not 42), be aware that this number is probably more dead than Dumbledore's ghost after the Winchesters have cracked his tomb, salted his bones, lit them on fire again, and hacked any Horcruxes (horcruxen? horcruxii?) into little bitty pieces and salted them, set them on fire, and then salted and re-burned the ashes of them and put out the blaze with holy water.

My dinky little cellphone is lost, either at work, between work and the car, in the car, between the car and the bank, in the bank, between the bank and the car, in the car, or between the car, a hard place, and a lot of water. I tried calling it. It's on vibrate. It claimed to be ringing. It may have lied.

Qwest's IVR will respond to "I lost my cellphone" with a Real Human, even after hours. This is good to know.

Got the cellphone suspended. Turns out my contract is up on Sunday. Good to know. I've been planning to upgrade when my contract is up, either with Qwest or with another service. (If I go with another service, then I want to get the phone switched over to Cox voice over IP, just to have communications services together and to have only one bleeding bill to pay on household data/voice rather than two.)

I'm going to be shopping around for new services as well. amberfox, what network are you on, and does your network do free in-network calls? (I asked the same thing of Darkside, because calls to him are the #1 priority with a cellphone. He thinks he has Sprint, but he's not sure, and he got distracted and started ordering me around in efforts to find the errant cellphone. ♥ the guy.)
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Final straw.

I guess I didn't make it clear.

I'm done. d.o.n.e. When I start saying bail, and someone else starts saying "Oh I think we should give them a chance" -- YOU can give them a chance. Already gave chances. Chances were when that dreadful lady with her novel about New Orleans, the one that dragged on and on and on, was here. When she left. When we talked with the center about changing the description. With the succession of recent crazy ladies. It's clear to me that we're still getting people who need a writing class, a journaling group, and all the things we're not. It's also clear to me that the group needs to be able to pitch anyone out on its ear from the get-go, to not just say "I think you want the journaling class" but try to include them but to be able to say "You want the Fresh Start writing 101 class" or something similar, and make it clear that while the group's standards for inclusion may be very, very relaxed, it's also a group that has a very clear and defined membership.

If the writers group becomes a class, I am not going to be the teacher. I do not teach writing. I WILL not teach writing. I am there to facilitate the writers group. The women's center does need a writing class, but it is not a thing that I am at all suited for. Not my bag, not my cup of tea, not my problem.

I honestly think the women's center would do better with no writing collective whatsoever than with the writers group and no writing class, to be quite honest at this point.

Wednesday night next week will be my last night as the Fresh Start Writers' Group facilitator. I am happy to facilitate the group at any given mutually accessible location. I would be happy to volunteer with Fresh Start to teach a class in an area of expertise of mine (I'm working up series of computer classes, actually, to pitch to them). I cannot and will not continue to lead the group as an open group where we have to resort to passive-aggressive techniques to edge out the really badly misfitted, and have to feel uncomfortable as a whole when we have a new person with that unexploded bomb vibe because we can't kick her out until she actually creates a disruption.
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