May 18th, 2007

running, bomb tech

There will be a JD soon!

I go to fetch the JD soonish like nearly now. There is a bed on the floor in the usual spot. The cat has been combed. The dishes ... still have to be put away. Ah well.

I has phone. Number, filtered to my contact info filter.

Called Darkside. Called Dawn. Turns out that Dawn has the same cellphone provider as Amber, which is the same one I suspect Darkside has. So, um, yeah.

We may or may not wind up going on a brief grocery run, because omg very much not with the foodz right now.

The plot is to crash the JD on the living room floor, then deliver him unto Myrrh's place, + keys, tomorrow. Life is good. I have navigation to the bus place. Woohoo.
running, bomb tech

Voice Post:

230K 1:10
“Test 1 2 3. Anything but that. JD is here, Myrrhianna is here. And we have pizza and we're having fun. And it's just one of those nice peaceful evenings. It seems that everybody in the room knows "Rent". Um [laughs] JD is curled up on what used to be the living room floor. Except we have no living room. Because well this is a studio apartment that just doesn't have one. Myrrhianna is curled up on my bed looking in the direction where the cat ought to be. The cat has been hiding all day. Um, I don't think she likes strangers all that much. Um, I hope she at least comes out to find the litter box and stuff. I warned JD that she lies about the content of her food dish. But if she doesn't come out to lie about it then she's probably not gonna do that. This automated transcription thing is completely delightful. I really like it.”

Transcribed by: multiple users