May 22nd, 2007

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I've been having a rather disconnected couple of weeks. I will be in the middle of saying something, get distracted, and completely forget what I was talking about. I know I had something for the Monday pride thread, and I was saying to myself that I was definitely going to share that then, but I forgot what it was. I think it was over the weekend.

I'm still proud of my database happiness; I'm playing with macros now and that is excellent fun.

JD has been going around with a little beanbag cat on his head. I think it is supposed to be Siamese.

Oh! I think I'm proud of my Tracfone-to-get-text-messages-from-LJ-just-random hack. And I'm proud of my ability to know when something isn't right with my car, even if I don't know what it is, though I could probably do more to increase my knowledge of what it is. (Not a car person.) And I'm proud that I managed to realize that omg my schedule was overloaded, and to be able to put down an activity from time to time, and to recognize which activities I can possibly go without doing for a while.

My brain is still not entirely plugged in, but that'll change as soon as I sit down in front of the damn database.
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11:02 AM 5/22/2007
"Networking", Warren Zevon needs to be on the same playlist that I have "Code

12:33 PM 5/22/2007

1:43 PM 5/22/2007
The answer to my database woe of the moment was "subforms".

2:25 PM 5/22/2007
omg this applicant is. OMG. He mentioned something about a car accident where
everything (including proper ID) went flying. I think he may have been dropped on
his head then?

And "subforms" was verily the answer, causing much joy in Mudville.

3:13 PM 5/22/2007 -- Slowness; database; the good geeks are
on it. ♥ to the geeks, and leave ohnotheydidnt alone for a while,
hmm? (Seriously: little tidbit picked up from being in the right places at the right
times: ohnotheydidn't is insanely large and high-traffic, enough so to be noticed
individually. proanorexia, eat your heart out.) (er, that last was unintentionally
hilariously insensitive.)

4:52 PM 5/22/2007
Right then. I have the form I wanted, not pretty like I wanted it, but I have the
form I wanted, and I used it, and it worked. I could have Management's data to her
tomorrow if I didn't feel like getting it as the finished product of "see, my whole
database works".

Now to bug Traveling Manager about her expense reports.

5:02 PM 5/22/2007
:( No expense reports from Traveling Manager. Woe! I did get to explain a little bit
of the ADHD nonfocus/focus thing.