May 23rd, 2007

phone, cordless phone

Multimedia message

OMG WTF papers to be shredded. Cleaned out my queue of stuff to handle. Still have more, but this is the worst of it.

phone, cordless phone


12:24 PM 5/23/2007
wAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *cries* Neptune, or, The Tragedy of Veronica, Daughter of Mars, Epilogue.

Moon icon, #102: I plot to snag that. -- song. omfg. -- omg wow.

3:01 PM 5/23/2007
The girl who was rumored to be Doing Things with Leftover Leftovers Guy came back, with kid. -- fic I need to read, but I'm not about to read it at work just in case.

It's weird to hear JD not being called JD.

4:04 PM 5/23/2007
I feel ill, and like leaving for writers group now. I want to have the time to collect my thoughts before the meeting, but then I'm also writing documentation today, so. er. um. Actually, I should check in with the office on getting them dragged through training on my database.

I'm also thrilled because omg. Database.