May 27th, 2007

running, bomb tech

Somehow it feels like a weekend. -- contains some of the notable misadventures of one james_nicoll. No beverages, food items, or easily-disturbed co-workers. -- see? LJ person! -- bitter is a normal reaction to these things.
Via cmwinters: -- the notable clichés of Hermione Granger/Severus Snape fic. -- Star Wars! Hooray! -- Dinosaur-riding Jesus shirts.

It seems that I clean up best during social times. myrrhianna and jai_dit were here last night, so while we were socializing, I started shuffling around papers and picking things up and putting them closer to a place where they might belong ... and I found the palmtop I've been looking for. I got myself a shiny refurbished palmtop over a year ago, because while AzureBlue is still working, I wanted a newer one ... and there were problems with getting it synced, and I just never got around to making it work. After the great disk crash, it disappeared. I found it under the coffee table. It's plugged in and charging. AzureBlue is plugged in and charging. It occurred to me that one of the solutions to hcolleen needing to write and needing to have her story with her to write might in fact be AzureBlue. Palmtop. Does the palmtop thing. It won't surf or anything, but it is a small thing that can store writing and has a long battery life.

My day:
Saturday, I slept in. (Friday had insanity.) I lounged around in what was left of the morning, and only at the last minute did I go off to give plasma, taking City of Bones with me. (And lo, it is love so far.) A guy sitting next to me in the waiting room tried to engage me in conversation about the book. He was sketchy, so I did not converse more than terse comments; he did not get the hint. We didn't intersect after I got screened, fortunately. Then, while actually giving the plasma, there was a noisy guy with no conception of internal monologue sitting two beds over from me. It seemed like if it went through his head, he had it coming out his mouth. That can't have been true, because he didn't say anything about sex, but he was talking nonstop, shouting out the name of a basketball player every time the player showed up on the TV screen, and saying that the person operating the plasma center's TV must be a woman, because it had been tuned away from sports, and that everyone should be watching this game; every woman should be watching it to be with her man. He was the one who was howling and flailing when stuck and un-stuck. I have no desire to be anywhere near that guy ever again, even more so than with the sketchy guy. The sketchy guy I had no problems with the concept of rebuffing; this guy is just ... being himself. Very loudly himself.

After that, I called Darkside's mom. I tried calling for Darkside, but he was Out with his dad. She gave unto me some News! We chatted for a while. Then I went shopping and very wisely blew all the plasma money on groceries. I called Mama when I got home; there was news-sharing and stuff. Tay-Tay has a job that starts at 6am now, and is operating on chronic sleep-dep. Poor little sister.

I called her just after jai_dit and myrrhianna poked me about dinner; I got off the phone just before they showed up on my doorstep. Perfect timing! I wandered off with them in search of dinner. There was a Mishap at Popeye's (they didn't have spicy chicken strips) so we wound up in the iHop near easalle's (in retrospect, we should have called, but I don't think any of us were braining that well at that time) and had a rousing discussion about the job stress inherent in high-level network operations centre work. JD: are some of the less-alarming pictures I was talking about. I'm sure someone who knows what to Google for (or has them bookmarked) can show some real horror racks.

There was silliness with cheese straws (as illustrated) and all sorts of fun. We wound up back at the Asylum; there was gossip, iPod fun with katamari earworms, and more talking about stuff. We de-convened sometime after 2am; I went to bed by 4.

Hooray for weekends. Today maybe I'll catch up with Darkside.