May 28th, 2007

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Three day weekends are love.

Dropped by Darkside's, with the cheerful invitation of "I won't stop you from coming over." Star Wars marathon time! He and his mother sort of insisted, given that it's a three day weekend and the 30th anniversary of the series. His dad put up with it.

I walked in during the middle of The Phantom Menace. We watched the prequel trilogy. I wound up conking out during some of the fighting at the end of #2. It was fun. We skipped most of the politics in #1 in favor of a sword fight: we left when they headed off Tatooine and came back just as the Gungan army started marching.

There is Absolutely No Hand-Holding In Front Of His Parents. This is mutually understood without having to discuss it either verbally or non-verbally. There can be physical contact (my feet tucked up on the couch, toes touching his leg as if by coincidence; my hand on the couch and him sitting on it; feet touching) but it can't look deliberate.

The marathon continues tomorrow, with the original trilogy. I may see if I'm welcome tomorrow as well. (Hey. Star Wars.) I'm doing laundry tonight. I offered to lend him City of Bones once I'm done with it, but I made the tactical error of making the connection between the author and the VSD LotR parody, which made him shudder and recoil and tell his mom to not ask for any more details on his reasons for saying no-thank-you.

Didn't get the lowdown on the college situation, mostly because he was so exhausted by the time I asked; shall have to pry later. (I'm so thoughtful and caring.) Didn't ask for a steadying hand re: the private briefing/debriefing that I'm irrationally afraid of getting. Didn't decompress about the upcoming job application process, and how I'm afraid my resumé won't be good enough, that I'll make some elementary mistake on it. (I tore apart my old version, because it was DUMB. The replacement still does not satisfy me. I don't have enough valid contacts and I don't have enough technical in my old jobs, and I'm stressing unnecessarily.) Did not decompress about my hopes/fears about Book. (The Serious Writing Urge is tingling in the corner of my brain again.)
Housewife's Lament

Download; clean up.

Useless Phobias: I am terrified by the prospect of changing bathroom vanity bulbs. I am unnerved by any changing of lightbulbs in a context where I cannot physically disconnect the power, regardless of my likelihood to stick my finger in the empty light socket or the likelihood of the bulb turning on while I am still touching it but it is not securely screwed in yet. I am doubly unnerved by any prospect of handling very delicate breakables at any height higher than head-height. When the two are combined, cue the irrational terror. The terror is made slightly more rational by the simple fact that at one point I broke no fewer than two lightbulbs (in a row) while attempting to install them in a bathroom vanity socket (I panicked and dropped them. Both.) but it is not a smart fear and it is not a fear that people are likely to understand (like spiders, and centipedes).

How bloody useful is it that the guy with the expensive degree in computer information systems can't get a job in his field, and the woman with no degree in the same field is reasonably likely to land an entry-level position? Of course, the difference is that he got completely traumatized by inbound sales, to the point where he's more likely (than you think) to take a McJob than an inbound sales/tech job.

I discovered my favorite shocking purple lipstick. I'd lost it. Unfortunately, I'd lost it in my pants, and I discovered it in the dryer, post-drying. So that was not helpful. At least all the clothes in that dryer were black, and therefore unlikely to be ruined by having shocking pink lipstick streaks baked in. Darkside's mom keeps losing phones, then finding them again. She lost her old one and found it at Darkside's dad's office. She lost another one (I think it was a newer one) and Darkside found it in the dryer, already having been washed as well. I pointed out the lack of swimming pool time this phone had gotten; that was at least a plus. (They don't have a swimming pool at this house; their old house had one.)

jai_dit got shanghaied into easalle's crew on pirates night. He has yet to realize the full implications of this event. There will be deceptively nothing for quite some time, and then there will be a sudden crew call-up, and near unto the entire crew will assemble for something eldritch and bizarre. meacu1pa took a far better photo of the JD in pirate gear! Collapse )

My bathroom is once again fully lit. Two bulbs in the vanity blew fairly recently. These were two of the three original; clearly, they used two-year bulbs. I dug through the Box of Lightbulbs and discovered that I had two compatible colorless bulbs. The one remaining original is a frosted 40W incandescent globe. The first new one is a transparent globe, same other ratings. The second new one is roughly equivalent to the output of a 40W incandescent light, but is fluorescent and in the shape of a bare square stick.

I'm experimenting with the cat box. Collapse )

The recent fannish activity makes it near-impossible for me to answer every comment that's come in related to that thing, and is in fact holding me back on finding the comments that I should probably have answered two days ago. I'm going to try and sort through them all by the time the weekend's over, but my capricious mind may well decide that scrubbing the base of the toilet has priority. Not to mention vacuuming the hall rug, because I noticed that it was looking skanky when I went to leave this afternoon. And doing the dishes. And mopping the kitchen floor. And ... well, you get the drift. Not that doing these things is more pleasant than answering comments, but these are the things that have to be done, and answering comments from people I don't know really doesn't have to be done. And while not strictly necessary, the installation of the palmtop upon the laptop would be a great plan.

jai_dit has informed me that the Jerk City quote on my freezer door is in fact misspelled. It needs more of the letters 'h', 'u', and 'a'; it already has plenty of 'l' and 'g'. Aside from the initial 'h', it has none; it has no vowels at all. This will need repairing. Perhaps it even needs some '4'.

Darkside still claims that I beat him more times than he beat me today. I don't see that, but OK. Unlike other games, I don't sword-fight to lose. Not even duct-tape sword fighting.
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Went over to Darkside's to play for a couple hours. Curled up in his bed and watched the end of Season 1 of the new Who (and now I get that fic of amberite's), after getting lectured by Malfoy Senior about how Darkside needed to be able to go to bed on time for getting up for school in the morning. ("I had nothing to do with this!" said Darkside. Turns out that Malfoy Senior had said "She doesn't need to come over again this weekend" an hour before I showed up.) Watched more Silent Mobius. Darkside thought I was more upset than I actually was (reading my body language); I was mostly just stressed and needing petting. I got to curl up and that was nice.

I left early, telling Darkside that I didn't want to completely overstay my welcome with his dad (though I was sure I'd done that the moment I popped near the door) as I was fairly sure I'd have to be getting along with him for ... a good long time.

Then, karaoke revolution. Much fun.

Now, time to go home.