June 13th, 2007

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Blast from the past.

Wow, nothing like an unexpected e-mail to brighten your day. Seems that back in '01, I ran into some bad punctuation in a college textbook, in an essay that the class was deconstructing as an assignment. I riffed off that bad punctuation for the length of the whole essay, and evidently did so with some heat, and copied the essay to LJ. I vaguely remember running into a later edition of the textbook where the punctuation was not so objectionable, but on the whole I thought nothing of it since then.

Until now.

I've got an e-mail from the author of the essay that I was deconstructing with such heat, explaining the situation, objecting to the rather academically vile objections I had to his essay on the strength of that bad punctuation, and wishing that I take down & retract my diatribe on the grounds that I was working from incorrect information. Which is definitely fair enough. Google being the elephant it is, though, I'm wondering if what he thinks he wants is really what he actually wants. I could probably riff off the modern social web implications of a link gone dead vs. a link with edited content for a few hours, but it's after midnight and I have a potentially long day tomorrow what with work and group and all.

I'm just completely boggled that something so very distinctly old would show up on my doorstep now. I've got my inbox to sort through, then I'll be getting back to the guy once the sheer WTF wears off.
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Yeah, that one was definitely my bad.

So I come home from anime night to a rather righteously (and rightfully!) annoyed e-mail from Christopher Little, the author of an essay that I'd viciously deconstructed back in 2001 as the result of a freshman assignment to take one of several essays and write an in-depth critique of it. He explained that the textbook that I'd found the essay in had a mis-print: notably, the ending quotation mark in a paragraph of text that his essay had quoted from another essay was misplaced. Not having done all the research I should have, I had come to the erroneous conclusion that the bad placement of the quotation mark smelled of plagiarism. This was not the case; it was an editing error in the re-print of the essay in the textbook I was working from. When reminded of the essay, I vaguely remember that the textbook was updated and that I'd gone to the essay and looked, but hadn't seen the problem. Mr. Little asked that I do something about my incorrect entry.

I have apologized to him via e-mail, and edited the original entry to clarify. (He'd originally thought that perhaps I should take the entry down, but I pointed out the Google/archive.org thing, and he agreed that my idea was all right too.)

LJ posts get around, it seems.
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Any general weirdness outside of the usual today can be explained by this news story. (This is one of my new daily posts from GoogleDocs; the post will update through the day without notice. Editing will end by 6pm GMT -7.)

Breakfast this morning was stew in a travel coffee mug. Don't laugh too hard: it worked! Got sparkling cider and candles in my bag for the upcoming exodus of the writers group. Got an e-mail saying that a new person in Mesa was thinking about joining us. I should really e-mail back and explain the transition, at least in part.

Some noisy neighbors today before I left. There was more moaning next door than I really wanted to hear emerging from the apartment of some little old lady. It's great that senior citizens have fun too, but there ... just. Um. Moaning, banging, clattering, clanging, all sorts of disturbance. Erk.

Thinking about it, M is the only one of our writers who might be able to get away with flouting the "no explicit sex" rule. She writes plants. The beings in her planned arc of novels are botanical humanoids, with plant-part sex organs. Her love scenes are very explicit, very erotic, and very, very alien.

Something here in my office smells faintly like burning. I'm not sure what's up with that.

Snarky Lady just had a look at the interviewer break room and didn't seem to like what she saw there. I know she sometimes doesn't care for the new hires we're pulling in, but she said that these were worse than the usual lot we get, and some of the old hands didn't seem to be looking quite right either. And she shut the security doors. She doesn't shut the security doors when we have a class!

Holy fuck! I wanted ice, so I tried going out to the interviewer break room. BIG MISTAKE. Apathy is normal for employees here. Shambling, greyish skin, and drool is NOT. Back in the training room. Got chairs and stuff shoved up against the doors. I would be gibbering in the corner except I have to stay calm or something, so I'll gibber on LJ instead. OH WE ARE SO FUCKED.

Snarky Lady is saying "I told you they weren't right!" and scolding me for having opened the doors. HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT SHE WAS BEING LITERAL!

Not sure what there is around to use as a weapon. There are chairs and things. There's the projector screen in the corner. There are the whiteboards. I have my rather large frickin' bag.

...omg. Sparkling cider bottles. Broken glass. Hello!

Thanks, Tango, for the advice. You're right: using the clue bat on zombies would be Very, Very Bad News Indeed. Wow. Bad. So glad I didn't. But broken glass and a makeshift wooden club ought to do fairly well. There's a Batman mask and a Darth Vader mask in the call center; I'm thinking of grabbing the Vader mask and some of the clothes from the lost & found bin. The less biohazard I get on my skin while getting out of here, the better.

Door still holding. We're all gathered in here preparing for a group of us to bust out and see if we can't take the entire building back.

We have the break room. This means we have ice. Huh. I wonder if packing their heads in ice will stave off the infection. Snarky Lady's Minion went down, and we're just hoping, you know? She's in the room with us and it's making me very. Very. Very. Nervous.


Snarky Lady tripped and the top of her coffee cup came off, spewing hot coffee everywhere. Turns out this batch of zombies is deterred by that. We had a whole bunch of coffee equipment in the back. The whole building smells of coffee now, but at least it's zombie-free. One of the ladies in back found those pump-thermoses we have, and sprayed down the zombies outside the doors. We've established a safe corridor over to the school across the street, which is more defensible, and we've started shuttling people over there.