June 15th, 2007


Little bits of my life

I type in the community name as if it were a personal journal name, knowing LJ will redirect to community.livejournal.com/exampleusername from that.

http://community.livejournal.com/note_to_cat/2302512.html is painful and hilarious, and involves tea.

My sleeping habits have not been so good lately, but I'm working on that.

At the writers dinner on Wednesday night, I managed to completely win at whipped cream. We were sharing desserts, and I wound up putting some whipped cream on M's finger, and licking it off. Now, rhea_windrider had just done essentially the same. I am a competitive type, and if I have skills in an area, I do want to be able to showcase them. So, I wound up doing a very skilled job at removing the whipped cream from the finger.

The rest of the people at the table tell me that M was about one step from needing some private time.

I win at whipped cream.

The grocery store on the corner is evidently closing. Alas! This means bad things for the household. It's not screamingly horrid, but it is not good either. If I did not have a car, it would suck hardcore. There are enough people in this apartment complex who do not have cars that it will really suck being them.
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2007 06 15

Before I left, Ecchi-chan got a phone call from a certain place where she'd submitted her resumé. The lady said she'd be e-mailing with contact information. Squee! (In related news, I have looked over my own, and today should be The Day. Me nervous.)

Yet another place where blogging has served me well -- I am used to rambling somewhat informally about any bloody thing I happen to be thinking about. I can produce immense amounts of general BS on any given issue. This is useful because right now Management is looking for braindumps from her people. I'm one of her people, and I have a brain. I'm not sure how much use she'll be able to get out of it, but if I can make someone understand the things that make me tick the way I do, I can surely share my insights on business processes, and psychology as applied to the culture of the company.

Yet another meeting yay. Nice long one with Management asking tough questions, me brainstorming, and me immediately seeing about ten other things that I can do to make things better. The rest of the people around did not seem so engaged with the meeting. Management was late. I started sketching the cabin, because I've gotten away from drawing and need to get back. Yesterday I doodled a portrait of Tay-Tay that was very her and very surreal. There was a lake in her hair somewhere.

Documentation. Hooray documentation. I don't think I'm going to be leaving particularly early tonight, in part because there are things to do, and in part because I have to put in enough hours. The two things go together; I get to find things to get done on the docs. I'm to the part where I get to dive back into the database and start pushing things around to find out what needs to be done.

It's not really all that bad; it's just that I've been out of the DB for long enough that it's not all at my mental fingertips. I like being able to know everything, and I hate having to re-learn things.

Oh, and Bitchy Witchy Week has been going on long enough, I should think. Whatever the last time was that I mentioned it? That was within the past two weeks. I hope. Drip, drip, drip. Like a leaky faucet, not like a hosepipe. I almost think that I prefer hosepipe, at least when it finishes quickly.

Oh god. There are some things you just look at and see a train wreck brewing. In this case, it's an experienced Field department and an inexperienced client interface person who is not so sure about how we handle different kinds of sample. Field thought that the client interface lady was experienced. Our mistake. Actually providing excerpts from the e-mail exchange would be stretching things too far, so I won't, but rest assured that everyone is currently reacting in polite, professional language, and it looks like it is about three e-mails from breaking down into screaming profanity and threats. Because. Wow. So very not familiar with the way these things actually work. Yeah.

Looks like it's five e-mails from profanity now. My workplace is bizarre. Oh, and JD is on the Dendarii Brewing Co. survey tonight. Hee, beer. It amuses me that young people who are too young to legally drink beer in the US can still do surveys with other people about the beer they like.

Whee documentation. It's up to lots of pages. I just shrunk it by a few pages by trimming some unnecessary stuff out of an illustration and trimming some bad whitespace, but it's still huge. Management finds it amusing that my idea of a "huge" file is 2 megabytes, and the newsletter files that Traveling Manager sends out are in the 20+ meg territory. She has a bunch of print-quality images in them, see, and they only need to be web-quality. We'll get her there someday.

Now I want to collect all my assorted meta-data into one single feed. Like, the stuff of mine on other sites, and the stuff about me: the Joule data, the Pandora data, and all that stuff. Then I can just add something new to that external aggregator, and not waste more namespace on LJ.

I seem to have moved out of the active OK I DOCUMENT NOW into the OK THESE ARE THE CHANGES I NEED TO MAKE TO THE DB TO MAKE IT FUNCTIONAL FOR EVERYONE mode. This is because the pre-upload part of the documentation is done. Glee!

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/6750005.stm -- heee, birdie!

And when I hear that there are problems with getting some of the daily stats off the system from where they're supposed to show up, I try and hack my homies a thingy that'll do that for them, just a little. I ♥ my peeps here, even though I'm not in Field much anymore.