June 17th, 2007


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There be no hatin'.
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Housewife&#39;s Lament

Lazy Sunday, with bonus cleaning

Thingy. Online user. I should take the source material from that and write it up so it can be posted and discussed without the

Page listing in message center at top of page. Command button listing in message center at bottom of page. Add both, without taking out the currents, so you can jump from one to the other and do things no matter which end you're at. Also, auto-refresh when deleting all notifs on one page.

Stew has been accomplished. I am tagging the recent run of suggestions, so that when a new batch comes in I don't have to scream, and also so people can look at the tags as Brad intended. And when that's done, I'm going to look through the queue and see if there are any I see that have already been suggested, and then the senior maintainers will have less work to do yay. (They still have to review everything, but that's background research that they don't have to do if I can find precedents.)

Oh! Private tags on public entries. If you want to tag your public post about someone on your friends-list as "stupid things my best friend has made me do" but obviously don't want them to see that you've tagged it like that, there could be a separate thingy! Except that would get overloaded and clunky and just no. Make a private post with that tag linking to the public post.

Prev/next for the moderation queue.

Upload pics/vids off cameras to the lappy. Upload from lappy to wherever it is that they go. Lasers not included.

I think I successfully bullied jai_dit into laundry and calling family. I should at least call my best friend, if not Dad. Bonus out of the late unpleasantness: at least I don't have to force myself to get along with Malfoy Senior.

Have I unleashed scary doom onto the internets?

Red candle going for some resolution and clarification.

Doing some general apartment-cleaning, getting laundry set up to go, and some lj-cleaning. Mostly the cleaning is some tagging untagged stuff that needs tagging. The computer desk is rather frightful right now, though my bed needs re-making. I'm cleaning up iTunes too. This means listening to music that I haven't heard yet. Yay!

Laundry has been started. I do believe that all current suggestions entries have been tagged. Win! I have moved some of the stereo stuff down the counter. I have a cunning plan there, to make the printer more usable.

Hot chocolate powder and instant coffee does make a passable mocha. Passable as what, I'm not sure, but it's not unpalatable.

I found the hours on the aluminum place. 8am weekdays!
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trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Sunday evening

3:43 PM 6/17/2007
Ha! Found the previous instance of housekeys, so I can toss a working copy at the JD. And I found dust masks, so this time I won't be laid low by dust allergies.

3:53 PM 6/17/2007
Have swapped relative placement of stereo (infrequent use) and printer/scanner/copier/fax (less frequent use but higher possible usefulness) with no issues so far. Goodness only knows what the next step is supposed to be, but my laundry is ready for the dryer.

6:21 PM 6/17/2007
Laundry is all done, except for the putting away part. Oh, and the part where the drawer that usually holds my underwear and handkerchiefs needs fixing, since it fell apart. But the laundry is clean, at least.

Dishes are at least on their way to being clean too. hcolleen is home.

Things are getting tagged.

6:52 PM 6/17/2007
Bloody done with researching in suggestions for today. Now that I know what's needed, I can do some of the basic background work.

7:05 PM 6/17/2007
Didn't I already eat lunch? Is it supper time so soon? WTF, body. At least most of the dishes are put away. I got a start on fixing the drawer in question, so within 24 hours it should be ready to put back into service. hcolleen has gone to bed.

7:18 PM 6/17/2007
Despite the confusion of CDs, I'm absolutely thrilled that I got the stereo and printer swapped. It feels like I really did something. I need to call Darkside, as it's a weekend and that's something I do on weekends, and I know that I'd feel bad about missing that, even though I don't feel any particular need to speak with him about anything.

This does give me an excuse to go through and figure out what happened this week, though. I had a piece of writing get linked around, so I'm feeling good about that. My dodgy alarm clock is officially unfixable. We're plotting a road trip to California in mid-August, and a trip to the Grand Canyon in July. Writers group stuff happened. I got a bit swamped with suggestions stuff. I got directed to clean up the DB as well as documenting it and all the other random stuff. Oh, and the thing with the dude. I'm still standing, and re-learning how to think. Zombies attacked. I evidently need to find a calling as a poet, because that's where a lot of my powerful stuff comes out. Management calls what I'm doing in addition to working "a life", and I just find that surreal, because people in high school thought I didn't have one, and now that I do seem to have what other people call one ... I'm not sure what to do, because it's very completely geeky and just not conventional at all. The roommate got a ping-back from the place we're considering; I have my resumé put together right, and just need to get it turned in. We're starting to watch Cowboy Bebop on the off-nights, and some Ranma 1/2 on other days, and gods know how many other random things we're watching. Oh, and clergymoment, ack.

Local people are welcome to nudge us about attending anime night, incidentally. myrrhianna hosts it, so she has the final say about who gets to come, but she's pretty open to assorted friends-of-friends.
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