June 22nd, 2007

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Job-type-thing update:

Meeting was a pre-screening event, essentially. There were maybe 20-25 of us. The majority were 20-30 and male. Of the approximately 8 women in attendance, 4 were wearing sensible shoes and 4 were not. One fellow was wearing a basketball jersey.

Once we had all collected and filled out the informational sheets on us, we got seated in a training room of some sort and heard all about the company. People asked questions. We were a fairly quiet class to start with. After a while, we got a screening test, one of those fun standardized ones. This had some forms of questions I'd never encountered before, including "the word I am describing, guess the letter that starts it" and "this word, this list of words here contains either a synonym or an antonym for it, and good luck finding it" along with some more standard multiple-choice questions. I did decently. Not stellar, but decently.

It seems that when I'm On, I can socialize very well with fellow geekboys.

Some of the class got weeded out based on the screening test. Among them was the fellow in the basketball jersey, who'd been pointed out as an example of too-casual for the dress code.

The remaining class got to sit around and get an intro to how things worked, while being pulled off one by one for individual scheduling of interviews. I have mine on Tuesday in the morning. I remembered my social skills and greeted the recruiter who'd called the household and talked to both of us, and identified myself as hcolleen's roommate.

They're hiring the fastest for the Tempe location, it being the newest. I took a gander at what was across the street from it, cracked up laughing, and have decided that all other things being equal, Tempe has a few ... perks. That, and hcolleen likes Tempe, and we've been contemplating a possible future move, and it would help to be closer to start out with.
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Someone else's birthday

2007.06.22 Someone else's birthday


80s Music Friday: R.E.M. live performance of "Don't Go Back to Rockville"

Aunt-Fayoumis is visiting for the weekend. It'll be good to see her. I haven't seen her in too long. I found something interesting for her a while ago. I'll have to remember to have her take that with her.

We really do need a bigger place. The cat is bonding with me, but it's too small to have a cat for two months. I hope her human gets a job. Soon. I'm really not a long-term cat person. I like them well enough being someone else's cat, but I'm too aloof myself to want a cat who has decided that I belong to her.

And speaking of cats -- LOLcat Thesis Papers


Evidently my productivity is enhanced by poking around on YouTube for one R.E.M. video, leaving it on in the background, and then zooming through other songs in classic "the problem with wikipedia" style. This makes me happy and very amused. (Right now, I am indeed Superman.)


Last night's Night Out was not as well-organized as it could have been, thanks to me being out later than usual in Phase I of the interview thing. This collided with the closing time of the place we'd planned to go, so there was a quick search for an emergency backup. Backup was found, and we proceeded to have a hilarious time over garlic knots with cheese (re-greening!) and pizza. Cat stories were traded. There was shop talk. The general area is evidently a decent middle ground close enough to all households to make meeting there a good idea. Since the interesting parts of central Phoenix start closing up shortly after people go home from work, since it's a daytime town, we're going to scout around for bar-and-grill type places, because those are open later and have decent food at decent prices since it's the booze that's overpriced. I saw http://www.rosiemccaffreys.com/ on the way back and since I do believe I've heard good things about it, I'd like to submit it for voting on for some week in the future.


'k. Did the TPS reports. Next to do the next layer. I keep wondering when I can get caught up with my inbox. There are so many little administrative assistant things to do to keep things the way they should be that I'm not sure when I can completely get the real IT stuff done. But I'm working my way through it, and it keeps my brain doing what it's supposed to be doing.


The front office has the lady with the braid the former check-in princess there by herself today, it looks like. She's working on the stuff for the one report; my trainee's waiting on that. That's what's left of the usual stuff. I figured I'd check in there, because I'd heard no noise from that direction, and wondered why. That's why. Ack. My trainee has to leave in half an hour or so. I may have to take over the paperwork.


Wow, gdocs does not like un-closed bold tags. Not at all.

When I have specialized naming schemes for things, it disturbs me to not be able to name anything further in them. Therefore, I've found an expansion for a current one. This isn't anything that anyone really needs to know, it's just that I'm happy to have found the expansion, and it fits very neatly into two or three other categories of things I'm fascinated with, which makes me happy. I cycle through some things, and finding keywords and key phrases that fit things so neatly really makes my day better.


Let's see. I need that thing. So I should go into depth doing that thing with the other thing. Yeah. Screenshots. (Brain devolving due to cold tea and need for lunch.)


Ahh, lunch.

The behavior of other people on the internet continues to baffle me. In this case, an lj-cut was used to cover an innocent bare YouTube link. The lj-cut tag had text modified to describe the YouTube link. I think someone is confused by LJ or something, because while some forms of LJ etiquette demand that embedded videos be cut, that was a link to the video. There is absolutely no social construct that I know of that demands that a single short link be lj-cut. I'm guessing that the original intent had been to modify the link text, with a possibility that someone was also confused by the phrase "fake lj-cut" used to describe a poor unsuspecting link. SAVE ME FROM THE FAKE LJ-CUT. Either that, or they did not succeed at embedding.


I wonder if anyone could successfully make a good trance track or ten that featured "lyrics" that were some of the classics that today's youth tend to scorn. Strongly metered verse spoken to the beat would at least be surreal, and would stick in the head better audibly than it would by reading.

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Housewife's Lament

Weekend is Nigh

I called Darkside and wished him a happy birthday. There's this little window in June when we're theoretically the same age. He couldn't talk for long. Drat those accelerated summer classes.

Aunt-Fayoumis was due here 2.5 hours ago as of 8:30. Or, at least, she was due to call. I was imagining traffic, but now I'm imagining traffic accidents. (I called her just now, tracking down the cellphone number. She's only 4 hours behind schedule, and 70 to 80 miles away.) I have the floor vacuumed, the usual futon-on-the-floor down, soup in the crockpot, and the vacuum cleaner and all the long clangy-sticks stuffed in the closet. (The closet looks normal until you realize that it's sort of supposed to be walk-in, a little, and there's no room to walk.)

JD came over after work in anticipation of potential Being Out and Doing Things; that was not to be. He hasn't been getting enough sleep. He announced the intention for a nap, on the floor. I directed him at my bed, as there is precious little floorspace, and I didn't know then when Aunt-Fayoumis was getting in.

He complained, as there were rocks in my bed. The specific nature of the complaint about the rocks is that rocks are hard. This digressed in a silly direction; I re-made my bed without the rocks, and he curled up quite happily and took a nap. Hermione-cat came up, sniffed him, considered leaping on top of him and sleeping on his shoulder, but decided to look offended and stalk off instead. Menfolks aren't supposed to be SLEEPING in my BED, it seems.

I have another red candle lit. The first one was for clearing up that situation. This one is thanks for the situation clearing up.