June 23rd, 2007

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Interrogation complete.

Aunt-Fayoumis has arrived safely. Happiness! She is curled up on the guest bed on the floor.

I'm glad I obsessively journal my life, because the sort of little detail that an 18-year-old might think irrelevant (like "exact start date at first job") is turning out to be very necessary. I'm so glad that a whole lot of my job history is soon to become in fact irrelevant. Once I get past 1999 in the "ten years prior", we'll be so happy!

Cat box has been cleaned.

I finished the nice long detailed application for the job. It was online, rather than in person and handwritten, so that's good. They wanted employment history for the past 10 years (standard) and residence history for the past 7 years (which I've only ever encountered when looking for a place to live, not a job). I now have a more detailed file with these things in it, and it'll start becoming one of the things that I print out when headed to an interview. I'm always paranoid that there's something dodgy in my background, even though in reality I know that for all I'm just plain wacky, I'm also very well-behaved.

I have no idea what the plans for tomorrow are!
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Spam of the day that I thought I saw: "Produce Longer, Rock-Hard Elections." Well, it's getting to be that season in the US again, a year and a half in advance.

Aunt-Fayoumis is quietly playing puzzle games on her laptop. Right now jai_dit and I are debating what will happen with exposing Aunt-Fayoumis to DDR. She seems to like the concept.

I just introduced her to http://www.meatspin.com and http://www.leekspin.com, in that order, then the Ievan Polkka to make sure she could actually get the whole song in her head and not have the loop. IRC seems to be worried that I might have broken my aunt. I am a sadistic niece.

DDR, groceries, and assorted insanity planned-ish. Hooray!

I'm playing userpics more in comments and things right now, because I'm appreciating being logged in far more.
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Saturday, continued

It's amazing how much the character of a soup can change with a few more ingredients. My tidy potato-and-veg-plus-cream-of-chicken soup wound up taking some red pepper flakes and more corn after freezing the first installment of the soup for lunch. I like the change, and I think I'm going to make it more often. Or something. This'll make four distinct kinds of lunches in the freezer again.

We went shopping. Shopping was good. I have some more staples now, and that's always good. I forgot to take the freezer-bag, or else I might have picked up some more things, but there is now ham for the next several rounds of split pea soup.

myrrhianna, jai_dit, Aunt-Fayoumis, and I all went out. They had dinner; I had dessert. There was gossip and happiness. Aunt-Fayoumis goes home tomorrow, because she has to be back at work.

Now that I've applied and there's nothing else really for me to do other than show up for the interview, my creativity is saying "Hi! Remember that novel? Well, guess what." So first I have to go through and grammar-bitch "Icarus", and then I get to start hacking on that some more. Yay!